Smart renovation of the hottest old brand hotel

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Smart "renovation" of old hotels

when dragging your tired body into a hotel, will you feel a little comfort with soft lights, appropriate temperature, warm service and simple procedures? And follow the guidance of the service staff, take a fast elevator, walk through the tidy corridor, enter a quiet room, or enjoy delicious meals, or enjoy a moment of silence, and finally the lights fade, sleep gradually, and fall asleep safely, will it dispel your tiredness

this is what the old hotel hilton hotel group has been striving for. Behind all this, what makes Hilton hotel group effectively strengthen operation and energy efficiency management, further optimize operating costs, and focus on creating a more excellent guest experience? This article will take you to explore the mystery

customer experience is related to the success or failure of operations

the global economic landscape has changed. Taking China as an example, the driving force of economic growth has shifted from the industrial economy to the service economy, which accounted for 55% of the overall GDP in the first quarter of 2016. Among them, the consumer service industry (including hotels) has become an important driver to promote the overall development of the service industry. By 2022, the total sales value of hotel rooms will increase by 54.7% year-on-year compared with 2015, and the market scale will continue to expand. The increase of urban population and the change of consumption habits of the post-90s generation have put forward higher requirements for the quality and efficiency of facilities and services. Energy and automation software platforms came into being, injecting expectations into the operation and maintenance of hotels

at the industry level, the oversupply of high-end hotels has led to the shift of the investment focus of hotels to mid-range hotels, and the operation mode and participants have also become more diversified. The formulation and implementation of relevant laws and regulations have constrained the hotel market and increased the pressure on operating costs. As the most important indicator to distinguish hotel brand positioning, customer experience directly determines the satisfaction and loyalty of guests, which essentially affects the average actual operating income (RevPAR), and is one of the key factors for the success or failure of hotel operation

great dream faces the green challenge

Conrad Hilton, the founder of Hilton Hotel Group, mentioned in his autobiography: I think the guide to complete the great cause is a great dream. It must be under the leadership of such a dreamer that Hilton Hotel Group has always been famous. Now it has 13 hotel brands, ranging from luxury accommodation to comfortable long-term accommodation suites and affordable dedicated service hotels. Through more than 4000 hotels in 90 countries and regions, it creates an excellent experience worth sharing with loved ones for guests

however, energy consumption is the second largest operating expenditure of Hilton Hotel Group, equivalent to 5% of its public revenue, second only to labor costs. To effectively solve the problem of energy efficiency is the top priority of Hilton Hotel Group managers. At the same time, for environmental travelers, the environmental footprint is also a hotel measurement standard as important as amenities. Hilton hopes to formulate an adjustable sustainable development strategy to reduce energy costs and improve the guest experience. Therefore, with the help of rich experience in energy efficiency management and professional knowledge and technology, to achieve the efficient utilization of resources in all aspects has become an urgent need for Hilton Hotel Group

sincere cooperation directly hits the pain point of energy efficiency

it is precisely the insight into its own needs that Hilton Hotel Group decided to cooperate with Schneider Electric, which has 100 years of experience in energy efficiency management, and hopes to rely on Schneider Electric's advanced ideas and innovative technology to provide advice for its resource optimization. As the world's leading expert in automation and energy efficiency management, Schneider Electric takes sustainable development as the strategic core, through the 360 degree solution integrating it and ot technology, while comprehensively improving the efficiency of hotel operation, maintenance and resource utilization, it can better meet the mot needs of hotel guests at the critical moment of check-in, ensure the safety of guests and improve the guest experience

since 2008, Hilton Hotel Group has applied Schneider Electric resource advisor resource advisor system as the basis, and deployed Schneider Electric smart hotel products in all its settings. Schneider Electric has helped Hilton hotel group establish a cloud software platform that can track energy costs, and coordinate the energy data of its 1000 hotels through modular applications. At the same time, according to the use data of public facilities in resource advisor, the consultants of Schneider Electric Energy and sustainability service team timely put forward improvement suggestions, so as to help Hilton hotel group obtain the best public facilities pricing from suppliers. Schneider Electric's innovative solutions helped Hilton Hotel release the pressure of energy conservation. Through energy procurement support, it saved 3% of its energy expenditure every year, and achieved a 14.5% reduction in energy consumption in the first year of cooperation

try their best to achieve green vision

Conrad Hilton once said that the success of Hilton hotel group benefits from its comprehensive and innovative management mode, in which high standard service quality monitoring, strict cost control and the use of new technology are emphasized. The win-win situation achieved by the cooperation between Hilton Hotel Group and Schneider Electric is a landing demonstration of its founder's theory. With the important influence of Hilton Hotel Group, successful cooperation will have important demonstration significance for the whole industry

looking forward to the future cooperation prospects with Hilton Hotel Group and even more enterprise partners, Yuan Jun, the industry marketing director of Schneider Electric's energy efficiency and building business department in China, is the fastest growing field in the world. Wen Li uses the UV activated loctite adhesive Qian said: as an expert in the field of global energy efficiency management and automation, Schneider Electric will spare no effort to rely on safety, reliability, efficiency Sustainable and interconnected products and solutions enable energy to be used more efficiently, and through more professional strength and innovative technology, we will work tirelessly with more partners such as Hilton Hotel Group to create a green, energy-saving and pleasant hotel

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