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Smart streetlights and poles in smart cities

smart streetlights and poles in smart cities

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original title: smart streetlights and poles in smart cities

with the continuous development of human society, cities will carry more and more people in the future. At present, China is in a period of accelerated urbanization, and the problem of "urban diseases such as traffic congestion, serious pollution and high incidence of crime" in some areas is becoming increasingly serious. In order to solve the problems of urban development and achieve sustainable urban development, building a smart city has become an irreversible historical trend of urban development in the world today

smart city is a big system and big data sharing mode. Taking smart city home system as the framework foundation of IOT, and using the new generation of information technology, urban municipal utilities can be managed and operated in a big system way, which is a higher stage of urban evolution. As a public infrastructure of the city, street lamps have experienced a series of changes from manual control switch to automatic control, from a single lighting function to a multifunctional smart lamp pole. Nowadays, the smart lamppost is slowly coming into the public's view

smart it brings three significant advantages to cars: first, the lamp pole is a smart street lamp product with a variety of advanced information technology innovation and composite applications based on the road lamp pole, which combines intelligent lighting, atmospheric environment monitoring and collection, road and bridge key building monitoring, Bluetooth communication, WiFi hotspot, WiFi probe, 4G coverage, security, information release, emergency Video broadcasting, electric vehicle intelligent charging pile and other functions. The product adopts modular structure design. Customers can choose different functional modules according to their own needs and applications to provide better services and technical support for owners and end users of their services

due to its large number, good location, natural electrification and easy expansion, smart street lamps are an excellent carrier for urban IOT

the whole smart light pole includes centralized control system, wireless antenna base station, video monitoring management, advertising screen broadcast control system, urban environment real-time monitoring, emergency call system, charging pile system and other applications

I. centralized control

in cooperation with Ximeng smart light pole operation platform, in addition to centralized control of all lighting systems, ZigBee communication mode is adopted for charging piles The interconnection between the functional modules of the urban sensing function has truly entered the era of realizing the interconnection of things. On the operation platform, the working status of these functional units can be monitored and the fault alarm information can be generated in time, which greatly reduces the demand for manual patrol and continuously increases the inspection cost, so as to achieve the effect of low-cost and rapid response

II. Wireless

the lamp post has a built-in AP box. The uplink adopts LAN or 4G transmission access, and the downlink provides 2.4G wireless WiFi hotspot service coverage. With Ximeng system, it realizes video monitoring, data flow management, security authentication, access control, advertising push and other functions

III. charging pile module (optional module)

cooperate with the municipal government to gradually promote new energy vehicles. The charging pile assembled on the intelligent street lamp pole at stations, communities and other places is a cost-effective solution, which does not need repeated line construction and does not occupy urban construction land. Through the application app independently developed by the charging pile manufacturer or Ximeng company, functions including GSI charging pile location query, reservation charging, charging reminder and payment can be realized; While waiting for charging, the owner can watch local videos, music and other content on the lamp pole, so as to spend the charging time easily

IV. environmental monitoring system (optional)

by integrating various environmental monitoring sensors on the smart light pole, it can monitor the environment related to gas, rain, snow, fog, PM2.5, temperature, humidity and so on, and can be matched with the LED or LCD display screen on the light pole to display relevant information in real time, and can also be viewed through the background

v. street lamp energy saving control (optional module)

remotely monitor the working state of the street lamp, and complete all the items of the unidirectional tension test of the faulty street lamp: 0-0.6fyk-0 (measure the residual deformation) - maximum tension (record the tensile strength) - 0 (measure the total elongation of the maximum force) dynamic alarm, which greatly reduces the daily inspection workload. In addition, based on the time period and human flow, energy-saving adjustment, For example, in the evening peak hours, the brightness of street lamps is adjusted to 100%, and in the early morning when the traffic flow is small, the brightness of street lamps is adjusted to about 30%, which significantly improves the energy-saving benefits

VI. other systems (customizable configuration)

integrated video monitoring equipment, combined with video analysis system as needed, use lighter parts and advanced material system in production, active monitoring and active early warning. It shares transmission lines and power supply lines with other functional units, and can be configured with electronic road signs, advertising hiring, and emergency notification buttons

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