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On September 19, the China Plastics price index reported 1221.93 points, down 5.46 points from the previous trading day; The China Plastics spot index closed at 1270.67 points, up 0.70 points from the previous trading day

I. upstream express:

West Texas light oil October futures on the New York Mercantile Exchange was $97.88 a barrel, up $0.72 from the previous trading day, with a trading range of 9 fillers of 4.0~6.05 24 dollars; November Brent crude oil futures on the London Intercontinental Exchange were $95.19 a barrel, up $0.35 from the previous trading day, with a trading range of 93 69 dollars

Asian market: styrene FOB South Korea closed in US dollars, which closed flat on the same day. Sentiment was weak during the trading day, and there was no substantive negotiation; CFR China close 1399 5 dollars, down 2.5 dollars. Affected by the strong crude oil in the Asian trading stage, SM counteroffer was higher at $1390/ton FOB South Korea

II. Manufacturer dynamics:

Shanghai chlor alkali PVC is under construction, and the quotation is temporarily stable, that is, all models are sent around. 10. Other inspections: be vigilant and pay close attention to the details. Note that the quotation is 7700 yuan/ton (spot exchange), and the acceptance price is about 7800 yuan/ton. The delivery is carried out at an appropriate price, and the delivery with inventory is general

about 70% of Harbin wall PVC started construction. The factory quotation of type 5 electric stone in the province is yuan/ton. The demand is not good, and there is pressure to ship. The manufacturer said that it has been sold at a loss at present. If there is no improvement, it will not rule out the plan of parking in the later stage

at present, less than 50% of Hunan Zhuhua PVC is under construction. The manufacturer said that due to the downturn and chaos of the market, the price is accompanied by the "National Engineering Research Center for engineering plastics", which is one of the highest level high molecular material research and Industrialization Bases in China. At present, it is mainly sold in the surrounding markets in the province, and the ex factory quotation of type 5 is about 7100 yuan/ton. There is no quotation outside the province temporarily, and the inventory and shipment situation is general

due to excessive cost pressure, about half of the PVC construction in Northern Jiangsu is started. The ex factory quotation of type 5 calcium carbide is about 7150 yuan/ton. Type 3 is not produced temporarily, and there is a certain amount of inventory. Generally, the manufacturer has the intention to switch to type 7, which needs attention

Hebei Shenghua PVC plant is under full load, and the price will follow the market. At present, the price of type 5 materials delivered to the local periphery is 7300 yuan/ton, and the price of type 3 materials is about 100 yuan/ton. Due to the poor downstream demand, the overall shipment situation is general

III. market situation:

due to excessive cost pressure and large shipping resistance, there should be no sharp edges, sharp corners and residual magnetism, which seriously affect the start-up of PVC enterprises in Shanxi. The recent sharp decline in PVC market prices has led to low load operation of most enterprises. Some manufacturers said that if this situation continues, they will have to consider parking. Except for parking in Datong, Shanxi, most of the rest start-up is about half, However, the inventory pressure is still large. At present, the factory quotation of type 5 electric stone in the province is mostly 7300 yuan/ton. Although the price continues to decline, the downstream demand is too poor, and the transaction is extremely light

the PVC market in Qilu Chemical City is still in decline. The mainstream quotations of all materials this morning are: s700 is quoted at 7050 yuan/ton, S1000 is quoted at 7000 yuan/ton, qs1050p is quoted at 6950 yuan/ton, the source of goods is OK, the merchants' mentality is poor, and the transaction is light

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