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PVC stabilizers need to be on the road of environmental protection

the annual consumption of PVC resin in China has exceeded 15million tons, and the supporting heat stabilizers are more than 500000 tons, of which the consumption of stabilizers containing heavy metals such as lead and cadmium accounts for about 70% to 80%, and about 350000 to 400000 tons, which is still the leading product in the stabilizer Market. The product formula, process flow, production equipment and supporting molds of most product enterprises in the industry have adapted to this system for many years. Due to the lack of government policy guidance, the proliferation of local protectionism and the continuous improvement of imitation level, the PVC products processing industry has expanded sharply, the threshold has been lowered, and the industry has serious overcapacity. The intensification of market competition leads to the continuous downward movement of product prices and the continuous compression of the normal profit space of enterprises, forcing enterprises to focus on cost control and constantly rush to buy everywhere; The unitization of product structure breaks the bottom line of technology

in recent years, the economic situation of the whole plastic industry has been stagnant. How should the PVC stabilizer industry develop in this extraordinary period? On this issue, China Plastics interviewed Zhang Hongbing, general manager of Jiangsu Union Chemical Co., Ltd. in the face of the interview, general manager Zhang analyzed the current situation of the PVC stabilizer industry in detail from the perspective of professionals

first of all, PVC is a chlor alkali industrial product, which is completely independent of the petroleum industry, said southwire, headquartered in Carrolton, Georgia. High quality PVC plastic products are new products that respond to the call of the state for energy conservation and emission reduction. Their processing energy consumption is 40% lower than that of other plastic products, and the carbon emission of processing is only 1/3 of that of other plastic products. Under this prospect, production enterprises must unswervingly and continuously develop China's PVC stabilizer industry, and cannot give up eating because of choking

secondly, after nearly three decades of development, China's PVC product processing industry has leapt to the first place in the world. Even if it has become a huge industry with an output value of more than trillion, due to regional differences, uneven economic development, cultural differences, the overall water product gap in related industries, and the imperfection of standards and norms, the technological transformation of the industry is facing great challenges. In the face of brutal market competition, enterprises are more concerned with survival issues, and it is difficult to abandon immediate interests and consider longer-term development. President Zhang called for our concerted action to protect our industry, protect our industry and protect our advantageous enterprises

finally, without the protection of strong laws and industry norms and standards, it can only be empty talk to achieve the sustainable development of PVC stabilizer industry. The top priority is that the country should issue

industry standards and specifications as soon as possible. At the same time, production enterprises should unite to recognize the harm of heavy metal additives, so as to scientifically formulate action plans, solve various problems in the near, medium and long term step by step, and realize the smooth transition of the whole industry, which is a rational choice

practical problems hinder the reform of PVC stabilizer

at present, the transformation of the whole industry is imminent, but the practical problems faced by the reform far exceed the expectations of industry insiders

the current situation of China's PVC product processing industry has far deviated from the channel of introducing European and American technology in the 1980s and 1990s. For decades, the technical quality of products has not improved, but has been declining. In the face of the transformation of PVC heavy metal stabilizers, Europe established the European stabilizer manufacturer and processing association Espa to lead enterprises in the research and development of new PVC stabilizer technologies, and cooperate with upstream and downstream enterprises to call for a common boycott of the use of heavy metal additives. Espa plans to gradually abandon the use of heavy metal additives from 2000 to 2015. Up to now, the amount of heavy metal stabilizers in 27 EU countries has been reduced by about 81%, By 2015, the use of heavy metal stabilizers will be completely abandoned. At the crossroads of reform, it is difficult for us to copy the lead ban road of developed countries in the European Union, Zhang explained

China's market economy is still in the primary stage of socialism, and the comprehensive social development level, moral standard and population quality are still far behind those of western developed countries. Therefore, it is difficult for PVC manufacturers to realize the transformation of the industry through industry self-discipline. At this time, we must introduce laws and regulations, rely on strong external forces to promote, restrict and standardize the behavior of enterprises, use high-pressure coercion to force enterprises to move towards self-discipline, and constantly squeeze the living space of inferior enterprises. President Zhang said: the backbone enterprises in our industry must follow the principle of doing something and doing nothing, restrict their behavior, and constantly make progress in research and development technology. This is the right way for our industry to truly move towards environmental protection and sustainable development

how to pave the environmental protection road of PVC stabilizer

how to carry out effective innovation of PVC stabilizer in combination with practice, president Zhang said that this is a long reform and cannot be achieved overnight. Therefore, he put forward the following suggestions:

(1) the China Plastics Processing Association will take the lead in organizing the establishment of the PVC stabilizer environmental protection promotion committee, whose members include all professional committees for PVC product processing. Emphasize the organization core role of the association, coordinate various professional committees, governments and other social organizations, and jointly promote the process of environmental protection with the upstream and downstream backbone enterprises of PVC stabilizer

(2) the environmental protection promotion committee shall organize and establish the industry technical expert committee and working group

(3) attract influential upstream and downstream enterprises of PVC products in the industry to join the ranks of promotion. All backbone enterprises must seriously follow the leadership of the association and fulfill their due obligations. Jiangsu Union Chemical Co., Ltd., as the backbone enterprise of stabilizers in the industry, took the lead in implementing environmental protection of stabilizers into action. They recently planned a large Stabilizer Factory with an annual output of 100000 tons in Jiangsu, of which the output of environmental protection stabilizers reached 75000 tons

(4) formulate tasks and time plans, and gradually promote the implementation of sub items. Short term goal: within two years, the backbone enterprises in the industry will complete the transformation of environmental protection facilities, achieve up to standard emissions, and achieve the goal of reducing heavy metal emissions by less than 15% every year without rotating the buffer to the appropriate position, so as to standardize the environmental behavior of enterprises; Medium term goal: by the end of the 12th Five Year Plan, realize the product industry rdquo; Zhao Xizi, former Vice Minister of the Ministry of metallurgy, told reporters that 50% of heavy metal stabilizers were replaced; Long term goal: by the end of the 13th five year plan, realize the replacement of heavy metal stabilizers in the whole industry

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