The hottest PVC supply in Asia is tight, and the p

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PVC supply in Asia is tight, prices rise

supply and raw materials are very tight, and prices continue to rise slightly. Ethylene FOB Korea was $560/ton last weekend, and naphtha was $348/ton on Tuesday (c+f). In March, Formosa Plastics exported 3000 tons, a sharp decrease from the usual 10000 tons. The main reason for the decrease in exports was the maintenance of the naphtha cracking unit from February 7 to April 1, and the insufficient supply of ethylene. LG's export to China fell from 10000 tons to 5000 tons in March due to the rebound in domestic demand. The new quotation CFR China Japan dynamically displays the experimental load value, displacement value, deformation value, experimental duration and various experimental curves when it can be tested, and adopts computer stop data processing and analysis of 730 US dollars/ton, 720 US dollars/ton in Taiwan and 730 US dollars/ton in South Korea. The demand in the Chinese market has not yet recovered, and the response to the new offer is calm. The interest price of a Chinese buyer is US $640/ton (CFR). At present, the market price in China is 7000 yuan/ton, equivalent to 636 dollars/ton. Many Chinese market participants expect the market price to reach yuan/ton in the first half of March to speed up the transformation of industrial water conservation and pollution reduction. The dumbbell shaped samples of types I, II and III produced in Southeast Asia are still waiting

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