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PX new route finds a way out for excess methanol

Sinopec's major scientific and technological research project - 200000 t/a toluene methanol methylation unit was completed in Yangzi Petrochemical aromatics plant. This device is the first toluene methanol methylation device in China. After being put into operation, it will provide a new technical route for the industrial production of paraxylene (PX) nationwide, find a new way out for the surplus methanol resources, and promote the healthy development of China's polyester industrial chain

the device is a technical transformation of the original toluene disproportionation device, and it is planned to be officially put into use in mid November. After the unit is put into operation, it can not only reduce the PX production cost of Yangzi company, but also the by-product benzene and C9 aromatics can be used as high-quality raw materials for the disproportionation unit, so as to further optimize aromatics raw materials, reduce production costs and maximize benefits

according to the technical director of Yangzi Petrochemical aromatics plant, the synthesis of PX by methylation of toluene and methanol is a new process route for the production of PX. So far, industrial production has not been realized in China. Compared with the traditional toluene disproportionation process, the biggest advantage of this process technology is to use toluene and low-cost methanol as raw materials to produce high concentration Px, with only a small amount of by-products benzene and C9. In the new process, the introduction of methanol improves the utilization rate of toluene. Theoretically, 1 ton of toluene is required for each ton of PX produced. 1. The ring stiffness test requires 1 ton of toluene, while the traditional toluene disproportionation process requires about 2.5 tons of toluene for each ton of PX produced, and there is more by-product benzene. Therefore, the new process has high yield and low cost

it is understood that PX is a synthetic polyester fiber electronic universal experimental machine clamp. Specifically, the wedge-shaped mouth with two inclined planes is an important chemical raw material for products such as resins, coatings, dyes and pesticides according to the above clamping methods. At present, more than 90% of PX in China is used to produce purified terephthalic acid (PTA), which is the main raw material for the production of polyester fiber. In recent years, with the rapid development of textile industry, domestic PTA production capacity has expanded rapidly

however, in the traditional process production, the engineering construction of PX project is difficult, the production technology threshold is high, the investment is large, the recovery cycle is long, and the raw naphtha resources are more limited. Therefore, the domestic PX unit capacity is far behind the PTA capacity, resulting in a serious shortage of PX supply in the market at the same time. In sharp contrast, due to the rich domestic coal resources, coal to methanol has excess capacity. At present, the price of methanol in the market is about 2800 yuan/ton, while that of toluene is as high as 10000 yuan/ton

therefore, the development and application of toluene methanol methylation synthesis PX technology has realized the organic combination of coal chemical industry and petrochemical industry. The promotion of this technology will effectively alleviate the problem of domestic methanol overcapacity

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