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PVDC will become a major mainstream material for food packaging

among the current types of meat products in China, ham sausage products occupy a large part of the market because of their long shelf life and convenient carrying. It can be found in large supermarkets, roadside convenience stores and various means of transportation. And the ham sausage casing naturally contributed a lot. The casing packaging of ham sausage is mostly plastic film, among which PVDC film is widely used

at present, consumers and food enterprises do not know much about PVDC film. According to the information provided by experts, PVDC, namely polyvinylidene chloride, is a light yellow, powdery, high barrier material. In addition to the general properties of plastics, it also has self extinguishing property, oil resistance, taste retention, excellent moisture-proof, mold proof and other properties, as well as excellent printing and heat sealing properties

the data shows that PVDC is a kind of plastic packaging with better comprehensive barrier performance in the world today, because it has light weight and high strength packaging materials. It is not only different from the sharp decline of gas resistance of polyvinyl alcohol with the increase of moisture absorption, but also different from the deterioration of moisture resistance of nylon membrane due to water absorption. It is a high barrier material with good moisture and gas resistance

pvdc material not only has excellent high barrier performance, but also has excellent printing performance, composite performance and transparency, while the total cost is basically unchanged. In practical application, PVDC coating film has no special requirements for printing ink and equipment, so there is no need to change the process of each process, which can greatly improve the production efficiency and reduce the cost

how to do permanent deformation test for leaf springs of agricultural machinery? Composite packaging with PVDC is more suitable than ordinary packaging with PE film, paper, aluminum foil, etc. Jinan new era assaying Instrument Co., Ltd. will introduce the operating skills of the wear resistance testing machine. The amount of materials is much less, so as to achieve the purpose of reducing quantitative packaging and waste sources. In the United States, PVDC products are non-toxic and safe plastic materials, which have been widely used in food packaging; In Germany, the packaging material has a green mark; About 60% of the small packaged food, drugs, chemical products and electronic products circulating in the markets of Japan and South Korea use PVDC packaging

with the popularity of this new packaging material, the output of PVDC resin in western countries has increased year by year in recent years, with an annual growth rate of about 2% in the United States and nearly 10% in Japan

in view of the current situation that the level of food packaging in China is still relatively backward, relevant experts pointed out that the promotion and use of PVDC materials can not only improve the grade of packaging products in China, but also reduce the losses caused by product packaging, so as to enhance market competitiveness and establish a new image of the enterprise. It can be predicted that in the future packaging industry, the full and rational use of PVDC coating film will gradually become the mainstream of China's packaging industry, and food consumption will be greatly reduced

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