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[PVC] the surrounding markets drag down PVC to continue low-level shocks

I. market overview

today's PVC market maintains a low-level shock pattern. PVC futures fell sharply, and merchants in the spot market were suppressed by it, and their mentality was even lower. Downstream product enterprises watch the market carefully, and the inquiry is light. However, due to the high cost support, traders have little room to make profits, which is not enough to stimulate the enthusiasm of downstream orders, and the overall trading volume of the market has not been significantly improved

II. Brief introduction to the upstream market

as the U.S. crude oil inventory increased significantly by 7.1 million barrels to 353.39 million barrels, the highest since August, and the market renewed concerns about the possible release of strategic crude oil reserves in the United States. On March 28, New York time, nymex5 crude oil futures closed down $1.92, or 1.8%, at $105.41 a barrel

on Wednesday, the Asian ethylene market had functions such as overload protection, and CFR Northeast Asia/Southeast Asia closed at 1350 5 US dollars/ton and US dollars/ton. Under the tight support of goods, the spot price is stable, but there is no bright spot in terms of the performance of terminal demand, so the market rise is difficult to last. Merchants are cautious and purchase on demand

III. local market conditions

today, the PVC market continues to be flat, the mainstream price is temporarily stable, and traders are in a strong wait-and-see mood

the quotation of PVC market in Hangzhou is chaotic. Most businesses offer stable prices to ship goods, and a few businesses are not optimistic about the future market. There is a phenomenon of reducing prices to promote transactions. Terminals are basically purchased on demand, and it is difficult to deal in large quantities. The mainstream self offered quotation of type 5 ordinary electric stone is about yuan/ton

the PVC market atmosphere in Guangzhou continued to be flat, the transaction was still not improving, the participants' mentality was poor, some shipping intentions were high, the transaction price was slightly loose, and the market price center fell. The mainstream of ordinary type 5 electric stone is yuan/ton, which can effectively reduce the impact of the hydraulic system. 1. The force value of the tensile testing machine is measured through the force sensor, expander and data processing system; Self mention

the market price of PVC used in Shanghai to compress wool, textile raw materials, oil extraction and other PVC products fell, and the merchants shipped according to the market. The terminals were mostly used and taken now, and the transaction was lukewarm. The self raised mainstream price of type 5 electric stone is yuan/ton, and the self raised price of Zhongtai material in low price promotion is 6620 yuan/ton

IV. the latest Petrochemical quotation

80% of Taizhou Liancheng PVC plant was started, the inventory was normal, and the shipment was general. The quotation is stable. The US65 East China delivery quotation is 7050 yuan/ton, the US57 and US60 East China delivery quotation is 7100 yuan/ton, and the US70 East China delivery quotation is 7150 yuan/ton. The transaction can be negotiated

the 260000 ton unit of Junzheng chemical in Inner Mongolia started normally. The local ex factory quotation of ordinary type 5 electric stone is 6500 yuan/ton. The actual transaction can be negotiated. The recent shipment is general, and the inventory is OK

Anhui Ronghui chemical PVC plant was started and maintained full load operation. The shipment was general, and the quotation was reduced. The ex factory quotation of ordinary type 5 calcium carbide was 6700 yuan/ton, and there was room for negotiation

v. future forecast

the overall macroeconomic concerns intensified. The domestic commodity market generally fell in early trading on Thursday, and most industrial futures fell by about 1%. In addition, the property market regulation policy continues, the downstream demand of the industrial chain is low, but the high cost support, the market downward space is limited, and the short-term market may continue to be in a dilemma

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