The hottest PVC US dollar quotation was fully clos

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PVC dollar quotation was fully closed and the price was raised

after Japan successfully implemented the stone throwing plan for the Chinese market on Monday and Tuesday. The Middle East, Southeast Asia, Formosa Plastics and Russia PVC, which were hesitant to offer the prices of chemicals and raw materials used by new relevant household appliance enterprises, also temporarily abandoned their original plans, and successively prepared to continuously raise the export prices to Chinese Mainland

Iran's highest price has been quoted at $435/T, and no deal will be made below this price; In both low-end and high-end markets, PVC in Thailand is quoted at $440/T, while Formosa Plastics is quoted at $440/T; India is even more reluctant to offer the latest price, and said that the transaction intention price is 450-455 US dollars/T. The actual intended transaction price in South Korea is 430-440 US dollars/T for this thing, and foreign companies said they would continue to increase their US dollar quotations. However, it is reported that at present, some large companies in Hong Kong and China still have sources of goods with large quantities at low prices. Once the US dollar quotation is further increased, these sources of goods will still be released at appropriate prices

Engel said that the network is similar to the Fraunhofer Association in Germany

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