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The "12th Five Year" development plan for China's new material industry is about to come out, and a special fund for industrial development will be set up. Today, the first China New Material Expo held an interpretation meeting on the "12th Five Year" development plan for the new material industry. Gaoyunhu, deputy director of the raw materials department of the Ministry of industry and information technology, explained the new material development plan to more than 100 experts and enterprise representatives on the spot

gaoyunhu introduced that the scale of China's new material industry exceeded 650billion yuan in 2010, with an average annual growth of nearly 20% compared with 2005. During the 12th Five Year Plan period, the total output value of China's new material industry is expected to reach 2trillion yuan, with an average annual growth rate of more than 25%. By 2015, a new material industry system with certain independent innovation capability, large scale and complete industrial supporting facilities should be established; By 2020, the new material industry will become the leading industry of the national economy, and its main products can meet the needs of the national economy and national defense construction

since last year, according to the deployment and arrangement of the State Council, the Ministry of industry and information technology, together with relevant departments, has begun to prepare the "12th Five Year" development plan for the new material industry. At present, the planning text has been formed and will be released and implemented soon

new materials is one of the seven strategic emerging industries, which has important strategic significance for supporting the development of strategic emerging industries, promoting the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries, and ensuring the construction of major national projects. New materials are also widely used. Recently, they can almost penetrate into all fields of the national economy. There is a huge demand for new materials in medical, environmental protection, electronic information, construction, chemical and other fields. However, compared with developed countries, there is still a big gap in the overall development level of China's new material industry. The industrial development faces some problems that need to be solved urgently, which are mainly reflected in: the independent development ability of new materials is weak, the support ability of key new materials is insufficient, and high-performance materials, core components and major equipment are heavily dependent on imports,; The industry, University, research and application are disjointed, and the industrial development model meets the imperfect packaging of various products in the market; The new material industry lacks overall planning and policy guidance, R & D investment is small and scattered, and basic management is weak

Gao Yunhu disclosed that during the "12th Five Year Plan" period, China will establish a stable financial investment mechanism, set up a new material industry to issue gbt2976 ⑵ 004 metal static load testing machine, including the special fund for the universal testing machine material and wire winding test method exhibition, and increase support for the new material industry. Establish and improve the investment and financing guarantee mechanism, and encourage and support private capital to invest in the new material industry. Key material enterprises' R & D investment accounted for 5% of their sales revenue, built a number of public service platforms, promoted 30 key new material varieties, and implemented a number of demonstration, promotion and application projects

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