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Recently, a service team led by Guolei, director of the service support department of Shantui marketing division, entered Xilin Gol League to carry out customer care visits with the theme of "starting from the heart to achieve value"

xilin Gol League in April is not the vast and magnificent prairie that everyone yearns for. In the environment of sandstorm and cold spring, the group successively investigated nearly 20 mountain pushing equipment, such as graders and bulldozers, which were working intensively in Baiyinhua area. In combination with the fact that reinforced concrete is generally used as the load-bearing structure of the composite wall, the visiting group inspected the use of the equipment and gave relevant guidance on the operation and maintenance of the equipment; At the same time, we actively listened to customers' suggestions and preliminarily sorted out the equipment improvement plan. The serious working attitude and superb technical level of the interviewers have been highly recognized by the customers

the 11th stop of Shantui's "customer care trip" entered Ximeng

denipe 1 has always attached great importance to the investment in technological innovation and equipment updating. Immediately, the visiting group visited the traffic system of xiuzhumuqin banner, tracked the use of the newly delivered sr045d roller, and conducted on-site training for equipment operators. The relevant person in charge of the Transportation Bureau extended warm welcome and sincere thanks to the visitors for their arrival and guidance

the engineer inspected the equipment for the customer

including the material's thermal deformation temperature, softening temperature range, thermal mechanical strength, specific heat capacity, thermal conductivity, thermal expansion coefficient, melting heat, thermal dispersion coefficient and thermal stability, etc.

the Xilin Gol League delegation fully investigated the working conditions and equipment use, listened to the customer's suggestions, and collected valuable data for the improvement of the equipment; Through friendly communication with customers and the embodiment of their own professional level and service attitude, we have effectively maintained the brand image of Shantui. Customers have expressed their high praise for Shantui's "starting from the heart to achieve value" and spoke highly of Shantui's customer care visits for many years. This visit further maintained customer relations, enhanced customer brand loyalty, and played a good role in promoting the development of Shantui in the region

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