The 12th Beijing international food processing and

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The 12th (Beijing) international food processing and packaging exhibition 2014 set sail Beijing

"2014cf international food packaging and cushioning equipment can avoid the rapid fall of the pendulum" for short (Beijing food packaging and Processing Exhibition) after 11 years of development, it has become a professional exhibition well-known in the food processing industry at home and abroad. Over the past 11 years, more than 4000 enterprises from more than 40 countries and regions have participated in it, It has been highly praised by colleagues in the industry at home and abroad. CF China International Food Packaging and processing exhibition has been rated as one of the most influential exhibitions in the food industry. Its influence, industry status and trust have been unanimously recognized by the industry. CF has shown the latest development level of China's food packaging and processing industry to the industry and foreign counterparts. It is a big stage for enterprises in the food packaging and processing industry to show their style and a grand event for exchanges in the national food packaging and processing industry; It is also one of the big stages of the world food packaging and processing industry

[previous well-known enterprises]

omronpcmgandumbakemarkjintianbrtammexomronpcmeienimarautoicemoliyarudykematnzinoxpa fine research general daribel Weitong Kaiji construction technology Huaqiang Zhongtian Pisces Eske fine research Temple ridge Riqing China Ship Lvzhou Shenli shenlu automatic safety protection; Watanabe Ruier Rixin, Hansheng, xiaosongquan, Maike, maimaohua, COSCO, Komatsu, Shenganda, Juneng, Zidan Yuxin and jindeweilong are connected to 3-phase 380V 50Hz Hao Sheng Yang Zheng, Becks Ruida, Dongfang Jianfa, Yushan tevik, Rixin, Songchuan Fujida, Zhongli, Matsumoto, Kangte, and Zhongde Xiaojin Shitian, Aohua Hao Yi, Jinke Ibn, fusion, Novartis radium, Dejie, Jianhua Yuan'an Gaojing, Desen Hao Yi, Weitong, wonderful Yancheng, Shenzhou, Yuanheng, huansu, Ding, Haiguan, Yuzhong aviation equipment and technical research are subject to on-site release

[scope of exhibition]

◇ food packaging and materials and products: various packaging machinery, equipment, materials Packaging products and packaging design

◇ food processing machinery: fruit and vegetable, beverage, biscuit, dairy, candy, snack food, meat, bean products and other equipment

◇ auxiliary production equipment: drying, filling, sterilization, fermentation, separation, water treatment, heat exchange, preservation and refrigeration equipment

◇ food raw and auxiliary materials, food additives, food production automation and other auxiliary production technology equipment

◇ food retail facilities Food management, food assurance, high energy density battery safety product detection and service system, etc.

◇ special exhibition area: disposable environmental protection tableware display, food safety detection technology display

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