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The 12th China International Machine Tool Exhibition (cimt2011) is about to open today

cimt2011 (the 12th China International Machine Tool Exhibition) officially opened today. Industry giants from 28 countries and regions gathered in Beijing to show the latest products, discuss cutting-edge technologies and talk about industry events

although this exhibition has been more than 20 years since the first one, China's share in the world machine tool market is obvious to all. Therefore, cimt2011 will set the stage in Beijing, and it is natural that China will play the leading role

on April 11, two foreign businessmen watched the automobile engine cylinder block processed by the numerical control machine tool in the compact instrument structure. According to the statistics of China Machine Tool Industry Association, 1400 machine tool manufacturers will actively participate in this exhibition, and all the internationally renowned machine tool manufacturers will be present, covering tens of thousands of main machine tool exhibits such as mainframe, functional components, CNC system, machine tool electrical appliances, measuring tools, cutting tools, accessories, etc., with an exhibition area of 120000 square meters, setting a historical record of CIMT exhibition

in fact, in addition to the continuous expansion of the exhibition scale, the ranking of China International Machine Tool Exhibition is also gradually improving. As we all know, emo (European Machine Tool Exhibition), CIMT (China International Machine Tool Exhibition), IMTS (American International Machine Tool Exhibition) and JIMTOF (Japan Machine Tool Exhibition) are called the world's four major machine tool exhibitions. These four exhibitions have the most important position and influence in the machine tool industry, and have received extensive attention and support from the industry and users at home and abroad

a few years ago, CIMT ranked third in the outside world, including the exhibition host China Machine Tool Industry Association. However, at the press conference of this exhibition, Wu Bolin, executive vice president of China Machine Tool Industry Association, said that among the four major exhibitions, China International Machine Tool Exhibition can well be ranked second. This ranking is not self appointed by the exhibition host, but from the European Union Consensus of machine tool associations such as the United States and Japan

he said that perhaps the exhibition area of 120000 square meters is not large, but compared with the turnover of the exhibition and the number of professional visitors, CIMT is not inferior to any exhibition

it is believed that the advantages and disadvantages of the machine tool market at home and abroad have contributed to the position of CIMT. It is undeniable that China has been the world's largest machine tool consumer for many years. In addition, since the financial crisis, the foreign machine tool market has shrunk compared with the past, and many international machine tool enterprises have gradually expanded their market share in China, which has generated concern

on the eve of the exhibition, Wu Bolin told many foreign exhibitors that most of the latest exhibits of enterprises were displayed, and many products' debut was also in China

for example, demaji will bring 28 innovative technology machine tools of turning technology, milling technology, ultrasonic/laser processing technology and dmgecoline series to the exhibition, including 3 new machine tools for the first time in the world

of course, after years of development, especially in recent years, the overall competitive strength of domestic machine tool enterprises has reached a new level. At the CCMT2010 Nanjing exhibition last year, an exhibitor said that from the appearance alone, the products of Shenyang machine tool can compete with the world-class machine tool enterprises. Moreover, it is required to make

with non-magnetic materials. It is certain that after years of development, the products of China's machine tool industry have made a qualitative leap, the proportion of high-end products has been increasing, and the CNC rate has been increasing year by year. The brand strategy with precision, high performance, reliability and durability as the main objectives has injected new connotation into the traditional brands and become one of the important endogenous driving forces for the future development of the machine tool industry under the new situation

in addition, the exhibition will also organize the special cimt2011 achievement exhibition of CNC machine tools on site. At that time, the audience can focus on the recapitulation of domestic machine tool enterprises' efforts to change the development mode and vigorously promote the adjustment of industry and product structure. This year is the great achievement of the fair recycling method of old asphalt and old aggregate and the design method of recycled asphalt composition before the end of the "1025" plan

an industry consensus is that after the financial crisis, the world economic environment has undergone tremendous and profound changes, and the previous development model based on technology and products will be changed to form a service-oriented development model

this is because before the 2008 financial crisis, machine tool innovation represented a typical strategic choice for stable enterprise operation and development. However, in the face of the crisis, the innovation of overall solutions became more important. The so-called overall solution innovation means that machine tool manufacturing enterprises need to know the finished products from the design drawings to comprehensively optimize the entire value chain of customers

see the trend through the exhibits

when careful visitors arrive at the exhibition, they can find that multiple flexible production lines of multiple domestic enterprises will appear in this exhibition

there are typical engine cylinder head and crankshaft production lines of Dalian machine tool group; Automobile brake disc production line of Beijing No. 1 machine tool plant; Shenyang Machine Tool's new CAK production line, etc

it is particularly worth mentioning that there are also many flexible production lines serving the main parts in the automotive field, achieving a zero breakthrough

this indicates that China's machine tool enterprises are developing from single machine to flexible production lines and comprehensive solutions, and are changing from product-oriented to customer-oriented and being a good user chief technologist, indicating that profound and huge changes have taken place in the marketing service concept of enterprises

from the perspective of single machine, the current product development trend is the compounding of functions, which is also the continuation of doinone concept in the past period. The innovation is to make the machine tool more intelligent and humanized

therefore, the machine tool is no longer mechanical, but more and more intelligent, which is another feature of this exhibition. For example, the htm40100h turning and milling machining center and dh500i high-speed horizontal machining center of Shenyang machine tool have the spindle anti-collision function. The sensor is used to set a critical area around the parts, and the collision avoidance is automatically realized when danger is found

in addition, the application of intelligent functions such as tool life management, fault self diagnosis, tool automatic identification, spindle power automatic monitoring, lubrication automatic detection will also be reflected in the exhibition exhibits

of course, green manufacturing is also the future trend. Therefore, many exhibits of this exhibition will adopt a variety of energy-saving and emission reduction technologies from different angles to explain and advocate the meaning of low carbon and green manufacturing methods to the audience

for example, GDPs series CNC intelligent power supply developed by Dalian Guangyang Technology Engineering Co., Ltd. has achieved low carbon through technological innovation. The power supply adopts three-phase full bridge controlled rectifier/inverter patented technology. While improving the power supply quality and control quality, it has achieved high power factor and energy feedback, and achieved a new breakthrough in the energy saving of CNC machine tools by an average of 25%

the ys3126cnc-cd numerical control high-speed dry cutting hobbing machine developed by Chongqing Machine Tool Co., Ltd. achieves low carbon through processing technology innovation

there are also examples of reducing the use of materials through innovative structures to achieve low carbon. For example, the y31320cnc6 large-scale CNC gear hobbing machine of Chongqing Machine Tool Co., Ltd. adopts a double-layer wall frame structure for its main structural parts. Through the use of advanced analysis theory and calculation technology, the mechanical structure is carefully and reasonably arranged to obtain the best stiffness with the least materials

although China's machine tool market has been growing at a high speed for many years, which seems to violate the objective law of industrial fluctuation and development, from the perspective of China's overall economy and the national 12th Five year economic development plan, this situation will continue in a short period of time. However, during the 12th Five Year Plan period, the demand structure of China's machine tool market will change faster and faster with the industrial structure, and the demand level will increase faster and faster. Therefore, the key to the problem is how domestic enterprises follow the changes of market demand

such as national key projects and key projects: nuclear power, new energy vehicles, high-speed rail transit, environmental protection and other fields; There are also seven strategic emerging industries proposed by the state recently. These mainstream industries in the future market have increasingly high requirements for the precision, efficiency and reliability of machine tools, as well as energy conservation and environmental protection

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