Key points and summary of wallpaper construction

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Key points and summary of wallpaper construction:

the moisture content of the wall base is less than 8%, otherwise, it is easy to mold, regain moisture and bulge. The flatness of the wall surface shall be checked with a 2mm guiding rule. When the height difference is not more than 2mm, the pattern shall be checked first and then the seam shall be jointed to make the upper and lower patterns match. It is forbidden to seam at the external corner. The wallpaper shall be wrapped more than 20mm above the external corner. When mounting glass fiber wall cloth and non-woven wall cloth, the back cannot be painted with adhesive, and the adhesive should be painted on the base course. Because the wall cloth has small pores, the adhesive will print through the surface and produce glue marks, which will affect the appearance. When brushing the base film, it needs to be dry for the first time before brushing for the second time, otherwise it will turn white and blister. Thick wallpaper should be properly mixed with wallpaper transparent or white glue. When preparing wallpaper powder, use water reasonably, and do not dilute it too much, which will affect the bonding force of starch liquid




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