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Recently, the newspaper received many letters and calls from readers asking how to deal with the problems in the floor of their home. The reporter asked relevant experts for detailed answers to these problems

recently, this newspaper received many letters and calls from readers asking how to deal with the problems in the floor of their home. The reporter asked relevant experts for detailed answers to these problems. Experts also said that attention should be paid to heatstroke prevention and cooling of the floor in summer to avoid cracking and deformation of the floor

causes and solutions

■ symptom 1: there are many cracks on the floor

cause analysis: from the picture, the reader's home is paved with laminate flooring. It is abnormal for the laminate floor to have such a large shrinkage joint, which should be attributed to the problem during installation. As for the cracks between plates, it is purely the quality of the floor

solution: it is recommended that consumers contact the floor installer to deal with subsequent matters

■ symptom 2: the seam of solid wood floor is getting larger and larger

cause analysis: because the wood has the characteristics of dry shrinkage and wet expansion, it will shrink when the weather is dry, and professionally refers to the phenomenon of separation between the tenon and groove of the floor. This situation is particularly evident in winter heating. This may also happen to the floor at the air conditioner outlet in summer

solution: Generally speaking, it takes a year for the floor to adapt to the changes of the indoor environment. There is a shrinkage seam in winter when it is dry, but it will slowly swell back in summer when it is wet. The seam separation within the normal range of the national standard is normal. If it is beyond the normal range, it may be caused by the inadequate control of the moisture content of the wood

according to the provisions of the national standard "code for paving, acceptance and use of wooden floors", the gap between solid wood floors and bamboo floors needs to be controlled within 0.8mm just after the paving is completed; Within the one-year warranty period, the assembly seam separation must be within 2mm; The pavement separation of laminate floor should be controlled within 0.2mm, and the assembly separation of solid wood composite floor should be controlled within 0.4mm; During the warranty period, the seam separation of laminate floor shall not exceed 0.35mm, and that of solid wood composite floor shall not exceed 1mm

if the gap caused by pavement exceeds the relevant requirements, you can contact the manufacturer to solve the problem; If it is in the process of use, such as the floor at the air conditioner outlet, winter heating season, etc., attention should be paid to the moisturizing of the floor

■ symptom 3: the floor squeaks when stepping on it

cause analysis: there are three reasons for the squeaking of the floor, one is the product quality, and the tenon and groove of the floor are too loose; Second, the installation is not in place, such as the ground is uneven, the keel is not installed in place, and the nails are not fixed properly; Third, consumers use inferior essential oil for maintenance. Because there is rosin in the essential oil, it seeps into the floor seam after curing, causing a squeak. We have to go to the scene to judge the specific reason

solution: the first two can be directly contacted with the manufacturer for treatment. If it is caused by inferior essential oil, the owner needs to contact the essential oil manufacturer to compensate for the relevant costs, otherwise he can only bear the losses himself

special reminder: inferior essential oils and floor waxes will cause considerable damage to the floor. It is recommended that owners choose high-quality products, otherwise the harm will outweigh the benefit

■ symptom 4: the floor is arched

cause analysis: Generally speaking, the floor is arched because the floor is soaked in water or wet by rain

solution: never expose yourself to the sun, otherwise the floor will become very unstable, with cracking, deformation, paint discoloration and other conditions. The correct way is to take away a board next to the wet floor and let the moisture in it disperse slowly, or blow it under the keel with an electric hair dryer or fan to dry the water, and then contact the floor installation professionals to deal with it

heatstroke prevention and cooling of the floor in summer

it is hot in summer, so we should pay attention to heatstroke prevention and cooling of the floor. First of all, we should avoid the sun exposure. If the sun can be directly on the floor, it is suggested that the owner had better draw the curtains for proper maintenance

the air conditioner has the function of cooling and dehumidification. If the air outlet is always blowing towards a place, it is easy to cause the shrinkage of the floor there. Therefore, when using air conditioning in summer, it is best to let the air outlet swing, and do not blow in one direction. In addition, the doorway is usually a tuyere, which is very dry. Experienced installers will seal the closing with wax, so that the moisture in the plate will not be lost and the shrinkage joint will be avoided. The owner can also wipe these floors with a wet cloth to avoid being too dry

recently, there have been a lot of thunderstorms. It is recommended that owners remember to close the windows when leaving home to avoid rain entering the house through the windows and soaking the floor wet

floor maintenance needs to be done properly

when selecting floors, it is best to choose floors with relatively stable wood species. Although excessive maintenance is not required during use, it needs to be done properly during maintenance. For example, put foot mats at the entrance door to avoid sand and dust; Put cushions under furniture such as tables and stools to avoid scratches on furniture; Try to avoid soaking the floor in water, and it is appropriate to mop the floor with a wet mop that does not drip; Use special floor cleaner to clean the oil on the floor to avoid the damage of chemicals such as soapy water to the floor

in addition, some owners do not live for a long time after decoration, do not ventilate, or spread newspapers, plastic paper, etc. on the floor to prevent dust, etc., which is quite wrong. Because there is no ventilation for a long time and the floor is in a closed environment, the floor is easy to deform and shrink, and once the time is too long, it is difficult to recover, and the loss caused by this can not be ignored. Therefore, if you don't live for a long time after decoration, it is recommended that the owner regularly ventilate the house to make the floor "breathe" fresh air




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