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With the arrival of September and October, there is a wedding upsurge. As the place for the new couple to live in the future, the decoration of the new house really makes many new people work hard. Especially as the most important part of home decoration &mdash& mdash; Floor. Now there are many kinds of flooring brands on the market, which makes newcomers who know nothing about the flooring industry dazzled. How to make the decoration of new houses more worry free? How can I choose a good flooring product? In fact, there is a knack when buying floors. Today, the reporter will lead you to identify the materials and paints of the floors

the base material of the floor is the soul of the whole floor, and the quality of the base material plays a decisive role in the floor. At present, the household materials in the market generally include poplar, eucalyptus and primeval forest hardwood. The substrate made of poplar is generally only suitable for furniture, not for flooring. Eucalyptus wood is harder and more stable after being laminated layer by layer. It is generally common in ordinary multi-storey floors. Compared with the first two, although the cost of virgin forest hard wood is higher, its material is uniform, the wood is thinner, and the diameter of this kind of wood is more than 1m, which can well meet the needs of single width whole board when making base materials, and avoid the phenomenon of core loss, core stacking and so on caused by base material splicing board. Pine and fir are more suitable for the core material of three-layer solid wood, not for veneer. Therefore, when consumers choose solid wood composite flooring, they not only need to see whether the appearance of the floor is good-looking, but also need to ask about the wood material of the floor substrate. At this point, Aosheng flooring is well aware of this principle. All substrates are combined substrates of primeval forest hardwood + eucalyptus, making the flooring impeccable in terms of bearing capacity and stability

many consumers report that the surface of the floor at home will crack after using it for a period of time. They don't know how to avoid this kind of thing if they choose the floor again. In response to this problem, the reporter specially consulted industry experts, who pointed out that if the external environmental factors are not considered, the most likely reason for the panel cracking is that the cutting method of the panel is unscientific, resulting in the surface cracking. Here, experts remind consumers that rotary cutting is not suitable for making panels. As for sawing or planing, consumers can choose according to their own needs. Generally speaking, planing is not suitable for the production of thicker panels, so it is generally used to make 0.6mm wood veneer. Although sawing is very stable, due to its high cost, only a few floors such as Aosheng floor will be used in the market. It is reported that Aosheng floor's multi-layer solid wood composite floor with a thickness of more than 1.2mm uses sawn wood

home, for Chinese people, is more than just a room. It carries the beautiful expectations of generations of a family for life. I hope that through today's introduction, new people can be more professional and practical when buying solid wood composite flooring




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