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Beautiful, comfortable and economical, is the definition of salaried office workers for their own home decoration! Don't need too much luxury, don't need too much exaggeration, as long as the family is simple and beautiful, and you can save money for yourself

beautiful, comfortable and economical, which is the definition of salaried office workers for their own home decoration! Don't need too much luxury, don't need too much exaggeration, as long as the family is simple and beautiful, and you can save money for yourself. But who doesn't want to use the least money to pretend to be the most satisfactory effect? Everyone secretly fantasizes that a small family can pretend to be a big boudoir with atmosphere “ Room ” And? Experts tell you, no fantasy, from the living room to the bedroom, to the dining room, to the details to the porch, as long as we ingeniously conceive, we can use other simple elements to change the cramped and insipid feeling of the space, and spend a small amount of money, we can also pretend to be atmospheric

family decoration does not need to be too luxurious, and it can also be installed with a small amount of money.

the living room can be flexibly arranged, and the lighting can be used to create an atmosphere.

home sofa concave sofa Mino sofa

the living room is the most important part of home decoration, because the overall grade of a family can be seen from the decoration style of the living room of a family. The living room is a facade, which is also a relatively high part of the cost of home decoration budget. There is no need to be luxurious, but you should also pretend to be your own characteristics. The best way to save money is to reduce carpentry. The money saved in the living room can be in the layout and lighting

1. Flexible layout

the living room in traditional home decoration does not save money, although the layout is mostly a TV background wall with twoorthree sofas opposite and a tea table in the middle. But those building materials do not save money, and this way is very rigid and monotonous. If you change this rigid way of decoration and layout, and change to another flexible and more atmosphere way, you will not only save a lot of rigid decoration costs, but also may enjoy another fresh and healthy lifestyle. For example, remove the TV from the wall “ Move ” Come down and put it on a portable TV cabinet with drawers with pulleys, which can be placed in the corner as you like, and the sofa can also be changed according to the needs of convenient chat and communication

2. Light is the cheapest and most effective of all home decoration projects. As there is no hierarchy in the main lighting, indirect lighting is adopted. The ceiling is made in the middle, and the lamp strip and embedded lamp are hidden in the middle. Combined with standing lamp and table lamp, the whole space becomes very atmosphere and increases the texture of furniture. The floor adopts large carpet and the wall is decorated with murals, which can fully show the momentum of the living room. Although it costs little, the effect is good

the bedroom uses light to create an atmosphere, and the wardrobe and bay window are also the key points

the bedroom is the decoration focus next to the living room. We should use the most economical method to create the best atmosphere in the master bedroom

1. Use light to create an atmosphere between the main walls

combine the main wall of the bedroom with the light. There is a small beam just above the head of the bed. Use a plywood to seal the beam flat and paste wallpaper. Hide the lamp in the main wall of the plywood as an indirect light source, supplemented by the lighting of the table lamp. Although there is no main lamp, it can create a soft atmosphere

2. Wardrobes and bay windows are also key

in larger houses, the collocation between the master bedroom, master bathroom and cloakroom can be used to save cost and space. Whether it's a separate bedroom in a small family or a large family “ Bedroom + master bathroom + cloakroom ” As long as the design is appropriate, you can still save money in the wardrobe, bay window and other parts, and some methods can even save a lot of space. The key lies in the wardrobe and bay window. This is because the bedroom has relatively simple functions, few settings, and few furniture. Therefore, if you can't make an article on the bed and bedside table, the wardrobe and bay window have relatively room to play

for example, using the ready-made wall to make a simple wardrobe can not only save costs, but also ensure the full realization of its use function. Looking at the bay window, even in small houses, it can still be made into bed frames, or decorated with solid wood panels instead of traditional marble materials, and its effect is still extraordinary

experts suggest that the porch is actually irrelevant in the family. Small houses or families who want to save money for decoration can not do porch. If you have to do it, the most economical way is to use floor tiles of different colors as materials, or directly use shoe cabinets

dining table and chair matching in the restaurant

the most important thing in the restaurant is the dining table and chair, dining cabinet and lamp, and then match the change of color and the use of home decoration, which is easy to save money. Dining tables and chairs can be customized from furniture factories, and the price is relatively cheap. The ceiling is not nailed with line boards, only a chandelier is pulled down, and the main wall of the restaurant is decorated only with pictures, which is both beautiful and affordable

porch clever use of ceiling

porch generally costs more, and some porch cabinets need more than 15000 yuan. But many people prefer the feeling of having a porch in the family. In fact, we can use other tricks, such as using the ceiling, three small chandeliers, indirect light sources, carpeting the ground, and placing a few pots of flowers, which can express the atmosphere of the porch, and it is economical and beautiful

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