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Characteristics and advantages of roller type small bag packaging machinery

at present, in China, small bag packaging machinery is mainly divided into roller type and splint type. The two kinds of packaging machinery have their own advantages. The following mainly introduces the characteristics and development trend of roller bag packaging machinery

different user enterprises have different requirements for bag packaging equipment, so the type selection of equipment should be determined according to the needs of enterprises. For example, food enterprises whose products are powdery require stable and fast packaging mechanical performance due to their large production volume and single variety. The nt-110 single roller powder packaging machine produced by nites company can well meet the above requirements, because many unique designs are adopted on the equipment: first, the longitudinal seal and transverse seal are completed on the same pair of rollers, and the structure is compact; Secondly, the traditional vertical packaging machine has changed the way of vertical film feeding into inclined film feeding at a certain angle; The third and most important point is the use of the gate tripper. Generally, when the powder is packed by the vertical packaging machine, the powder falls into the bottom of the bag for a period of time. At this time, it is easy to cause powder lifting and material clamping, which affects the packaging speed and quality. The gate type tripper can well solve the problem of increasing its strength and wear resistance through appropriate heat treatment processes (quenching and tempering, carburizing and quenching, etc.). Sometimes, special steel is embedded in the jaw, or steel sand is sprayed on the surface of the jaw. There is a gate at the top of it, which goes deep into the bottom of the bag. When the powder falls into the gate type tripper, the gate is opened, avoiding the occurrence of powder lifting and material clamping, and the packaging speed is also greatly improved. In actual production, the packaging speed of this single roller powder packaging machine can be stabilized at 80 bags/min ~ 120 Bags/min, up to 150 bags/min

however, while the advantages of the single roller powder packaging machine are prominent, the disadvantages are also obvious, that is, the bag length cannot be freely changed and adjusted. Therefore, it is not suitable for enterprises that need to change product varieties frequently. At present, many food enterprises require high automation and reasonable price of packaging machinery to meet their production requirements of small batch and multiple varieties. For this reason, nites developed a two-stage roller type nt-129 packaging machine driven by a servo motor. The machine has a high degree of automation. Installing a display screen on the control panel of the packaging machine and adjusting the bag length and other technical parameters can provide various fixtures to complete directly on the screen, which is extremely convenient to operate

nt-238 and nt-239 roller type liquid small bag packaging machines produced by nites adopt three-stage roller sealing. The first stage is the longitudinal sealing hot roller, the second stage is the horizontal sealing hot roller, and the third stage is the cooling sealing roller. Among them, the third cooling sealing roller is pressed again when the horizontal seal has been hot closed, in order to instigate the poor contact between the meter head and the instrument wiring terminal, so that the horizontal seal is more firm, flat, beautiful and leak free. This not only greatly improves the yield of products, but also the packaging speed reaches 80 bags/min ~ 120 Bags/min. This kind of packaging machine has been widely used in cosmetics, instant noodles, pesticides and other industries. Whether in terms of cost performance, packaging speed, packaging quality, aesthetics, flatness and anti leakage, it is unmatched by vertical plywood packaging machine and horizontal plywood packaging machine

from the perspective of the development trend of roller type small bag packaging machinery, there are two aspects worthy of attention: first, high-end, customers hope to complete as many production tasks as possible with as few personnel as possible; The second is low-end. Price is an important factor in market competition. Whoever can complete the same packaging task at a lower price can be invincible in the competition when choosing fixtures, which also requires equipment renewal and technical improvement. In short, whether high-end or low-end. There is only one purpose: to meet the needs of customers. Therefore, for the end users of the bag packaging machine, the suitable one is the best

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