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Beiren: the leader of system suppliers in China's printing machine industry

beiren is a famous name in China's printing industry. She has made brilliant achievements and irreplaceable position in the printing machinery manufacturing industry

Founded in 1952, beiren group is one of the 520 enterprises supported by the state. It is one of the first batch of enterprises that exclusively initiated the establishment of Beiren Printing Machinery Co., Ltd. to be listed in Hong Kong. In more than 50 years of development, it has always been in a leading position in the same industry in China

well known brands cover the whole country

beiren group company is a comprehensive printing machinery manufacturing enterprise, which integrates the development, design, production, sales and service of the plastic mold industrial base of the national torch plan, and produces a variety of series of offset printing machines and post printing products with different specifications

in China, beiren group has a strong and effective marketing service network, with nine franchise sales companies, more than 60 operating and sales branches, and more than 50 training, installation and commissioning service centers throughout the country, covering more than 20 provinces (municipalities directly under the central government) and autonomous regions, which can provide convenient and fast services for users. In addition, beiren group has established manufacturing bases in Beijing, Shanghai, Fujian, etc. Abroad, the products of beiren group are exported to more than 20 countries and regions in Europe, Latin America, Africa, Southeast Asia, West Asia and the Middle East

beiren group company has a perfect quality assurance system and after-sales service system. All the main engine manufacturers have passed ISO9000 certification, and the main products have passed GS and CE certification. With the application of CIMS Engineering, the modern management level of the enterprise has been greatly improved

in addition, beiren also has important industry management functions. The formulation and revision of printing machine industry standards, industry testing, industry information and intelligence, industry magazine printing today, and industry printing machine research institute are all attached to the management of beiren group

beiren post press high-end take-off

recently, beiren group company held a beiren post press high-end take-off beiren post press series product exhibition and broadcast conference, announcing that one of the annual dramas of beiren's 2007 market promotion, beiren post press series product exhibition and broadcast officially appeared

reviewing the development of beiren post press equipment, in 2002, beiren group announced that it would cooperate with the OEM of Tokyo Printing Machinery Co., Ltd. (TSK) to launch zxjd series wireless binding linkage line to the domestic market, marking that beiren officially entered the domestic post press equipment production field. After the rapid development in recent years, beiren post press has formed a post press product cluster consisting of folding equipment, page matching equipment, binding equipment, paper cutting equipment, die cutting equipment and stacking and binding equipment. The post press equipment produced by beiren has been able to meet the needs of various processing procedures of post press binding, and beiren has become the only equipment supplier in China that can provide a full set of post press solutions. At present, beiren group's post press products include:

binding equipment

using a variety of advanced technologies, which are simple to operate, short preparation time, good book forming, stable performance, and strong adaptability to various papers and books. There are a variety of product series to choose from, including the high-speed wireless binding linkage line with the speed of 7000 and 12000 RPM launched in cooperation with famous Japanese enterprises through OEM, the binding linkage machine with the speed of 4500 copies/hour and the binding package machine with the speed of 4000 copies/hour, which fill the domestic gap and represent the international advanced level. The main product models are: zxjd series (single and double), pjlx450/10, pjlx450, 15a, jbba

horse riding stapling equipment

a full set of advanced Japanese technology is introduced. The maximum speed can reach 11000 rpm. It can bind various books and newspapers from 320mm 480mm to 111mm 158mm. It is a new generation of high-speed automatic horse riding stapling equipment. From page folding, book ordering to cutting, five detection methods are adopted, and the accurate detection ensures the efficiency and high quality of the equipment to the greatest extent. The application of Hohner stapling made in Germany and a variety of imported electrical parts greatly improves the high stability of the equipment. Humanized design, color touch screen control panel, PLC control, can realize non-stop gas regulation. It can be equipped with up to 10 stations of page building units, and can be equipped with folding machine, stacker, conveyor belt and manual throwing device. It is not afraid of radiation environment, high and low temperature in space, long fatigue aging life, and can be stored for a long time. The main models include: lqd10

page distribution equipment

the latest page distribution equipment. According to wechat, brain control and touch screen display have the functions of automatic page allocation, multi post, empty post or random post detection, automatic rejection and misplaced Book receipt. The unit type combined mechanism is adopted, and one unit is equipped with three paging mechanisms, which can also be configured according to user requirements. The maximum speed can reach 4000 rpm. The main model is pyg445

page matching and gluing equipment

adopts Japanese advanced technology, which is flexible and highly automated. It adopts vise type to hold the post, which can be used for page matching, book post and book post, book post and sheet fed gluing. There are three ways of sticking pages: middle sticking, special sticking and up moving. Fast, up to 6000 posts per hour. It is a new generation of equipment to meet modern diversified, personalized and high-speed page production, with a market share of more than 70% in Japan. The main models are: ths-6/-8/-9/-12 (single), tha-4 (double)

folding equipment

there are various specifications of fence type, mechanical knife hybrid type, electronic knife hybrid folding machine, and can also provide a variety of combinations such as single, double, two fence plates, four fence plates, which can completely meet various requirements based on Book folding. The new folding roller, patented paper pressing system and electric knife technology greatly improve the accuracy and speed of folding and bring perfect folding effect. Various folding methods can be realized. The paper feeding system can be stacked or surrounded, and the flattening paper receiving device and baling device are also optional. The main models include: zyhd760, zyhd780, zyh780, zyh680, zyhd670, zyh670, zyhd490, zys490, zyh440, zys440

paper cutting equipment

there are two series of paper cutting machines with computer program control or intelligent digital display. They adopt advanced components and are equipped with the original American professional paper cutting machine computer control system, which can carry out self fault diagnosis and operation mode display. The safety measures are strict, and it has passed the CE certification. It has the characteristics of high cutting quality, high efficiency, simple operation and safety. The main models are: qzw920/1150/1370, qzk920/1150/1370

die cutting and bronzing equipment

suitable for die cutting indentation, embossing and bronzing operations of high-end cartons, cartons, trademarks, cards, cigarette labels, etc., with high speed, high precision and exquisite and beautiful effect. The maximum speed of mpq1050 automatic flat pressing and waste cleaning die-cutting machine and tm1020 automatic bronzing die-cutting machine can reach 6500 sheets/hour, and the speed of mp1050 automatic flat pressing die-cutting machine can reach 8000 sheets/hour. Tm1020 automatic bronzing die-cutting machine can also perform high-performance bronzing die-cutting operations such as laser and holographic positioning. Major real manufacturers will be very cheap, including: mp1050, mpq1050, mp1040c, mpq1040c, tm1020

stacking and Baling Equipment

the stacking and baling machine jointly produced by the company and nihonjun can be produced together with medium and high-speed newspapers and commercial rotary machines. It has the characteristics of good stability, high speed, accurate counting and no dirt. It has many patents in Japan and Europe. It is known as a non-stop stacking equipment with excellent performance and simple operation. The maximum speed of sb-54b-11-ny stacking baler can reach 75000 sheets per hour. In addition, there are many models of horizontal and vertical stackers available, which can fully meet various stacking requirements. The main models are hs-4b, ls-654b, sb-54b-11-ny, cs-543a, v-543a-g1

Entering the 21st century, beiren group company has put forward a new enterprise development strategy: using digital technology to improve the manufacturing level of traditional printing machines, make the leading product offset printing machines take the lead in China and create an international well-known brand. At the same time, it will develop towards prepress and post press, achieve the integration of prepress, India and post press, develop towards the upstream and downstream of the industry and related similar industries, and become a system supplier of the printing machine industry, While doing a good job in product operation, we should also do a good job in capital operation, so that beiren group company can achieve unconventional development. The enterprise objective of beiren group company is: to serve users wholeheartedly with the purpose of user satisfaction; It has developed into a recognized leading enterprise of printing machinery in the international printing industry, providing the most cutting-edge technology and solutions to meet individual needs

at present, beiren group has formed a production base of wireless binding linkage line, horse riding binding linkage line, die-cutting machine, folding machine, stacking machine and digital color inkjet machine. With the support of the relevant departments of the Beijing municipal government, beiren group has undertaken the research and development of digital workflow, and the Beijing digital printing project research base is about to be built in beiren group

in the development of the Tenth Five Year Plan and the upcoming eleventh five year plan, beiren group is aiming at product serialization, specification standardization, structural modularization, configuration function combination, accelerating product research and development, product development, improvement, scientific and technological research and other work in an orderly manner. Continuous product innovation and technological innovation have made the product quality of beiren group leap to a new level, and created the core competitiveness of beiren group at the same time

recently, beiren has established a strategic partnership with Zhonghua business, a famous domestic printing enterprise

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