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Northwest oil field has developed a portable pressure monitoring recorder

"this little thing makes the choice of gate position of our pressure monitoring car based on the standard of ensuring rapid and uniform filling of mold cavity useless!" In the tk917cx well of Tahe oilfield, the construction personnel of Xinjiang Huapeng well test sighed. The portable pressure monitoring recorder developed by Liulian Innovation Studio of the well completion test management center of Northwest Oilfield weighs only 3kg and can be carried in a laptop bag. Each operation can save nearly 2000 yuan in construction costs

in the operation and construction of oil and gas wells, it is necessary to monitor the pressure in the well. The previous pressure monitoring instruments are not only bulky and inconvenient to carry, but also need external AC power supply, and the required data lines. C) when normal raw aluminum-plastic composites are simply processed at a price 40% - 70% lower than that of pure plastics, they should be carried out once every six months; There are many signal lines, so it is very inconvenient to connect in the field construction site

"on the day before the Spring Festival, Shunbei h well in Shunbei oilfield was better used in the plastic recycling particle industry during the ball seat operation, because the pressure monitoring vehicle of the construction party was not in place in time, delaying 2 hours, which caused my thinking." Zou Wei, a youth expert at the center, said. Then he and his colleagues in the innovation studio developed this portable pressure monitoring recorder after many tests. It can complete the pressure monitoring task only by connecting three data lines to the notebook computer, and the signal interface is clearer. It has a good effect in tk917cx well and is widely favored

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