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Tianjin Auto Mold Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Tianqi mold) was originally a state-owned professional auto mold enterprise. In 2003, it realized the restructuring to a private enterprise with employee stock ownership. After the restructuring, Tianqi mould has no more than 200 employees, the net assets from employees' equity is no more than 10 million, the enterprise debt ratio is more than 80%, the annual sales revenue of automobile mould is no more than 40 million, and the profit is 3 million. After the assets of Tianqi mould have shrunk greatly after the restructuring, it is a genuine small mould enterprise. In just three years, Tianqi mold has developed into a group company with more than 10 holding subsidiaries, whose main business is automobile panel mold, integrating the development of key automotive equipment such as inspection tools and assembly and welding fixtures, as well as the assembly and welding production of stamping parts and assemblies. In 2006, the total number of employees of Tianqi mold was 600, and the enterprise assets exceeded 400million. Only the annual contract of mold was 400million yuan (including the export contract of more than 10 million dollars), the sales revenue was 300million, and the profit was 55million. The scale and efficiency of the enterprise have increased by 5 to 10 times, and it has become one of the leading enterprises in the industry with the largest scale, the largest customer coverage and the largest market share among its domestic peers. The current user list of Tianqi model includes the most well-known automobile brands in China, such as North South Volkswagen, General Motors China, Toyota China, Wuhan DPCA, Beijing Benz, brilliance BMW, Zhengzhou Nissan and Chongqing Suzuki. Moreover, by establishing offices abroad and building independent international marketing teams, Tianqi mold's products and brands have been sold to nearly ten countries in North America, Australia, Europe, Asia and so on. In 2006 alone, it undertook the mold and inspection tool development contracts of Chrysler and Magna in the United States, Mahinda in India, French logo, Renault, Volvo in Sweden, BMW in Germany and so on, with a total amount of more than 10million US dollars

in such a short time, how did Tianqi mold make these progress

first, small enterprises should also have a big strategy

Tianqi mold in 2003 is the smallest of the four major domestic automobile mold enterprises. During the restructuring process, there were nearly 70million cash debts, which seriously damaged the vitality of the enterprise funds, the employees' thoughts were turbulent, and the enterprise development was faced with huge adverse factors. However, we believe that the restructuring of enterprises is for development. The first step of development is to formulate enterprise development strategies. Small enterprises also need big strategies. In order to formulate the enterprise strategy, we have done the following things

1. Analyzing the development environment of enterprises

entering the 21st century, the rapid rise of China's automobile market, the re layout of the world's automobile giants, the intensification of competition in the European and American automobile market, the diversification of automobile varieties, the reduction of production batches, the shortening of product life cycle and other trends are very obvious, which makes it a worldwide demand to reduce the cost of mold development. In order to reduce the cost of automobile development, The transfer of automobile mold industry to China has become an inevitable choice. In China, the government has taken the automotive industry as a pillar industry for many years, with special emphasis on independent development and the development capacity-building of major equipment, and has also provided good support and promotion policies for the development of molds. After years of development, Tianqi mold has reached the international level in technology and management, and has a good foundation for rapid growth

2. Determine the development space and organization mode of the enterprise

the new factory of Tianqi mold is located in the bonded area airport processing zone of Tianjin Binhai New Area, the center of the Bohai Sea economic belt. The sea, land and air transportation is very convenient. Backed by Beijing's policy advantages, it gathers the strong industrial foundation of the surrounding areas, rich and cheap land resources, and superior talent accumulation advantages, so that the enterprise has a good geographical location and huge development space. At the same time, Tianqi model has formed a rapidly growing enterprise skeleton model through the collectivized small enterprise model

3. Obtain resources for enterprise development

through a series of financing plans including capital increase by shareholders, bank loans, financial leasing, venture capital and final listing, enterprises have obtained huge capital needs for enterprise development. Through the acquisition and merger of related enterprises, leasing enterprises and other business methods, integrate social resources and achieve low-cost expansion

4. Improve the core competitiveness of enterprises

mold enterprises belong to enterprises with both technology core competitiveness and management core competitiveness. We should improve and develop enterprises through these two channels

5. Maintain the sustainable growth of enterprises

enterprises should not only take advantage of opportunities to accelerate growth, but also pay attention to ability improvement in the process of growth. They can choose translation, comparison and other methods to compare the data of multiple curves at the same time; Power is the guarantee for the sustainable growth of enterprise competitiveness. At the same time, we will complete the transformation of enterprises from management by man to management by law, form a unique and effective concept, system and mode for intelligent machines to operate themselves, and build a century old store

through the analysis and formation of enterprise strategy, we realize that small enterprises should also adhere to the strategy of holding high and fighting high, and small enterprises are indispensable to big ambitions. In terms of enterprise scale, although we are temporarily small, under the background of world economic integration and China's rapid becoming the world manufacturing center, in a specific industry such as automobile mold, as long as we make use of, carry forward and create our own mechanism advantages, cultural advantages, talent advantages, technical advantages and cost advantages, we can develop rapidly and become a world-class Strong enough auto mold enterprises

second, small enterprises also need senior talents

Tianqi mold is a high-tech R & D enterprise, and firmly believes that the competition of enterprises is the competition of talents. Among the existing 600 employees of Tianqi mold, more than 70% are cultural employees above the university level. The R & D team of more than 200 people, including more than 50 special experts, conferring experts, postdoctors, masters, senior engineers and senior technicians, constitutes a world-class professional R & D team for automotive molds. After 2000, the domestic automobile mold industry has entered a stage of rapid development, and mold talents are facing an extreme vacuum. Automobile mold enterprises belong to capital, talent and technology intensive industries, especially the technology of mold enterprises, which also exists in human experience to a large extent. Therefore, many die and mould enterprises with huge investment have fallen on the link of talent shortage. However, the experience of Tianqi model has proved that small enterprises not only need but also can get senior talents

1. Make great efforts to gather talents

in the period of rapid growth of mold enterprises, existing talents are scarce, and with the upgrading of enterprise technology, ready-made talents in the society are also incompetent. Tianqi mold adopts the strategy of selecting and cultivating talents among college graduates, and more than 100 college graduates are recruited every year. The key to gathering talents is to check the entrance. The president of the enterprise personally goes to key colleges and universities to communicate with professors and teachers. Through the publicity and influence of teachers, he gives on-site lectures on technology, industry and enterprises to graduates, and arouses great enthusiasm for Industry and enterprises among graduates. The number of applicants is often more than ten times the demand. We should adhere to the principle of seeing everyone face to face and carefully screening, and encourage graduates to visit enterprises on site. Every time you recruit a new employee, you often have to think twice to carefully select talents and sincerely gather talents. Therefore, Tianqi mold can become the pursuit target of outstanding graduates from key universities every year, and can attract dozens of master's students, doctors and postdoctors to join

2. Tianqi mold has set up a mold technology training center combining factory and school to train new employees. Before the new graduates enter the company, they will not hesitate to spend thousands of yuan for each student for 3-4 months of training. The enterprise will send the strongest technical backbone as teachers, take the actual production tasks as teaching materials, and strengthen the learning of professional skills. Through systematic training, new employees can have a solid foundation of professional skills on the first day of entering the factory. In normal production, we should also pay attention to providing employees with the most learning opportunities, and make use of user services and all opportunities to study abroad to improve the skills of new employees

3. Make great efforts to make good use of talents

state owned enterprises generally adopt low opening and high walking in the treatment of employment, which makes it difficult to attract excellent talents, and they can't retain talents because of impatience. Private enterprises like to use experienced people. They only use them without training. The treatment is to open higher and leave lower. As a result, employees have no sense of belonging. Tianqi mold gives new employees a higher salary, provides housing and vehicle subsidies of up to 15 at least, and provides technical backbones with notebook computers, overseas training opportunities and a better enterprise environment, so that they can feel at ease, at ease, with a sense of honor and belonging, and strive to create a relaxed and inspiring atmosphere. At the same time, Tianqi mold fully relies on new employees to develop high-tech, strive for a number of national 863 projects, major scientific and technological projects in Tianjin, municipal key technological transformation projects, etc., cultivate and train a large number of talents in the technological frontier of science and technology and industry development, and lay a foundation for Tianqi mold to reach the world's advanced technological level in the industry

every mold enterprise will not ignore the thirst for and attention to talents, but it is far from enough to pay attention to them. Formulating a distinctive enterprise talent strategy determines the way for enterprises to gather talents,

talents and use talents

Third, small enterprises should build core competitiveness

in recent years, the rapid development of China's manufacturing industry, cost advantage accounted for the decisive factor. Therefore, many people believe that we should give full play to our comparative advantages and carry out the low cost to the end. However, we believe that this is the misleading of developed countries and multinational enterprises. Comparative advantage is a way for the poor to get poorer and the rich to get richer. Always living by picking up others' leftovers is not the way for us to become a strong country and a strong enterprise. When the world economy is increasingly concentrated in the highly monopolized transnational economy, small and medium-sized enterprises are still vibrant because they have stronger competitiveness in one industry and part. The survival and development of enterprises still depend on the core competitiveness of enterprises

the rapid development of Tianqi mold has many favorable factors, such as favorable weather, favorable location, and harmonious people. However, we are soberly aware that the enterprise position advantage obtained by Tianqi mold in the past when it first entered the market in China is not the core competitiveness. With the large amount of investment of foreign-funded enterprises in private enterprises, this position will be overturned at any time. The current brand and low-cost advantage of Tianqi model is not the core competitiveness of the enterprise, and others can achieve it in a short time through efforts. The rapid development of Tianqi model is still not the core competitiveness of enterprises. The rapid rise of China's automobile industry and the rapid growth of macro-economy have played a great role in promoting. This promotion is temporary and effective for all enterprises. We can only use it instead of relying on it

1 . Improve the knowledge and skill level of all employees

through the standardization of mold manufacturing and assembly line operation, emphasize more professional division of labor, strengthen training and experience summary, so that employees can reach a high level of professional skills in a very short time

2. Establish a technical system with enterprise characteristics

through extensive international exchanges, Tianqi mold has increased development investment, closely followed the world's advanced level in the application of high and new technology, and took the lead in comprehensively implementing the fitter concept of three-dimensional solid design, all digital non graphical manufacturing, and only fitting, no fitting, and less repair in China. Implement the production management of networked molds, and implement the standardization and standardization of production processes

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