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Analysis of characteristics and precautions of hardware valve marketing mode

due to the group purchase and the relatively mature technology of the hardware industry, the modern hardware industry sales are more based on service as the core weapon, and create sustainable competitiveness through differentiated services. Our enterprise has purchased Japanese, domestic and German technical equipment. In terms of precision technology, there is still a certain gap between domestic equipment and Western countries. The marketing mode of Hardware valves has changed a little, which is good for Hardware valves, and there are challenges and adaptations. The number of enterprises engaged in hardware valve processing is very huge, which also shows that this piece of market share is quite attractive

the hardware pump and valve industry is a huge industrial group, which plays an important role in the national economic construction. There are no less than 200000 pump and valve processing and manufacturing enterprises nationwide, and more than 1million people are engaged in pump and valve trade activities. Conforming to the changes of modern market, the pump and valve industry is also keeping pace with the times. With the increase of the coverage of e-commerce market, the pump and valve industry is also trying to enter the e-commerce market, expand the market share, and keep up with the needs and shopping habits of the market and consumers

China's Hardware valve casting industry has entered a period of rapid development. At present, it has become the largest valve casting processing center in Asia and one of the largest valve casting markets in the world. Especially after the rise of power station valves, chemical valves, valve building materials and food valves, due to its broad development prospects and attractive market profits, it has become a hot topic for many enterprises to strive for when investing

great changes have taken place in the marketing form between the hardware industry and ordinary consumer goods. Generally, the marketing of the hardware industry belongs to a typical bulk trade, and its sales characteristics and channel structure are also very different from ordinary consumer goods

I. trading partners: mainly industrial users

the marketing objects of the hardware industry are generally group and institutional purchasing behaviors with obvious industry characteristics. Therefore, our marketing objects are not individual consumers faced by the FMCG industry, but productive investment in reproduction characterized by industry users

II. Product structure: technology is relatively specialized

the hardware industry is generally a specialized product of system integration. Whether it is engineering machinery or central air conditioning, the specialization level of products is generally very high, and the technical threshold and capital threshold of product entry are very high

third, marketing mode: direct selling is the main, supplemented by channels

because the technical content of the product structure is relatively high, and most domestic dealers start by relying on market opportunities, with relatively low comprehensive quality, it is impossible to completely rely on the channel. The distributors in most channels act as large salespersons, mainly engaged in business with end users, involving professional solutions and technical exchanges, and basically focus on manufacturers; If manufacturers want to produce more stable, they must pay attention to direct selling. Luo Baihui, a well-known marketing expert, believes that the marketing model of the hardware industry should take the end user as the leader, take the project order as the purpose, and take the manufacturer's guidance channel as the development direction

IV. differentiated marketing: service is the characteristic

as it is a group purchase, and the technology of the hardware industry is relatively mature, the modern hardware industry takes service as the core weapon to create sustainable competitiveness through differentiated services. Our company has purchased Japanese, domestic and German technical equipment. In terms of precision technology, there is still a certain gap between domestic equipment and Western countries, but in fact, we think there is a larger gap. 5. To keep the laboratory machine clean is reflected in service and sustainable tracking. In 2003, we purchased a set of roof covering equipment from four countries in Japan. Since we purchased the equipment, Japanese companies have continuously provided us with technical correction and technical improvement services for the equipment. In addition, Japanese companies have also carried out a series of humanized services

The best way is to evaluate the real object under actual use conditions

v. marketing method: relationship marketing is sublimation

in the marketing process of the hardware industry, the phenomenon of product homogenization is relatively common. Even if foreign products have certain differences in technology and quality, they can basically meet the needs of users, not to mention that major customers generally do not choose new technologies and products; Therefore, often in marketing, product differentiation is not very obvious. The key is to deal with key people, do a good job in relationship marketing, build trust, and achieve sales behavior

VI. price system: the macro environment has a great impact

the product structure of the hardware industry is greatly affected by the national and international macro environment. For example, the price rise of petroleum raw materials will inevitably affect the price rise of downstream chlor alkali products, and the price change of steel materials will also directly affect the market price trend of machine tool products. Therefore, the price of the five metals industry is very sensitive to the macro environment, and any changes in the macro-economic environment will quickly respond to the price of the hardware industry

VII. Marketing communication: pay attention to brand reputation:

hardware industry marketing communication generally does not advertise like fast-moving consumer goods, which is only necessary to improve awareness, but it is empty without reputation. There are three forms of advertising in the hardware industry

one is technical communication. Technical communication usually takes the form of expert demonstration meetings, technical seminars, successful case sharing, customer meetings, exhibitions, etc., and then makes technical documents into product publicity materials for professional communication

the second is media sexual communication. Professional media, such as steel information, chemical times, etc., are generally used for media communication in the hardware industry. Industrial professional media is also the main platform to carry the external exchange of industrial products. Therefore, many professional media advertisements are very stable, and the relative competition is not very fierce, but professional media advertisements cannot appear in large quantities like consumer goods, and they are also relatively affected by the market

the third is visual communication. This kind of communication usually appears in the form of public relations and sponsorship. For brands in the hardware industry, the corporate brand represents the product image. Therefore, with the intensification of the market competition for the oil output of the oil return pipe of the oil delivery valve, many fives1. Models and specifications: MWW ⑴ 0 enterprises in the gold industry will choose to use image communication means to highlight the product quality of the enterprise in the listing of new products

VIII. Information source: mainly bidding announcement

for the hardware industry, market information is channel information. In general, the hardware industry will have its own unique business information system. For example, gold mold is the supply and demand platform for hardware mold raw materials. Suppliers and buyers will release relevant information on this platform. Government procurement is generally operated through the government bidding platform. Although this kind of information channel is often paid, in fact, the channel cost of the hardware industry is mainly reflected in the subsequent maintenance cost, and the cost of information channel is still relatively low. Especially with the gradual establishment of China's socialist market economy, the information channel of the hardware industry will become more and more standardized

in the highly competitive market environment, in order to pursue the survival of enterprises, pump and valve processing and manufacturing enterprises are also constantly changing their development ideas, complying with the development of the market and changing their marketing models

it is reported that at present, many pump and valve manufacturing industries across the country have joined the e-commerce circle. However, relatively speaking, it is still difficult for enterprises to implement e-commerce plans completely independently, and there are still bottlenecks in human resources, resources and technology. Pump and valve enterprises can choose their own way to connect with e-commerce according to their own strength. First of all, with the help of the network marketing training of relevant enterprises, combined with the characteristics of the pump and valve industry, we can integrate various network marketing resources to better understand the development mode of e-commerce in the pump and valve industry

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