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Northern communications held the 2009 annual business system summary conference

Northern communications held the 2009 annual business system summary conference

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Introduction: on January 4, the first working day after the holiday, northern communications business system was widely used in the economic and technological development of Shenyang for aerospace, petrochemical, machinery manufacturing, plastic rubber, ceramic building materials, metal materials The International Hall of Fengda building of the Management Committee of construction engineering and other industries held the 2009 annual summary conference. The sales team of North transportation is a team that dares to fight hard and is good at fighting hard. After the baptism of the financial crisis, North

on January 4, the first working day after the festival, the North transportation management system held a grand 2009 summary conference in the International Hall of Fengda building of the administrative committee of Shenyang Economic and Technological Development Zone

the sales team of northern communications is a team that dares to fight hard and is good at fighting hard. After the baptism of the financial crisis, the people of northern communications are more tenacious and tenacious. 2009 is an unusual year for people all over the world, and it is a year for people in northern China to seize the opportunity and work hard

Zhao Yanjun, vice chairman of northern communications and general manager of the sales company, delivered an important speech: with the joint efforts of all operators, the business system achieved good performance and achieved the basic task goals set by the group in 2009. The sales revenue and collection rate increased significantly compared with the previous year, with an increase of 45% and 43.6% respectively. Guangzhou Branch The sales revenue of Shanghai branch also increased significantly compared with last year

the market share and influence of enterprises are further expanding, and the industry status and popularity have been unprecedentedly improved. The development of the enterprise has also received strong support and attention from national, provincial and municipal governments and leaders. The majority of customers gave the group a high evaluation of spiral, herringbone and crescent. A modern equipment manufacturing enterprise is growing rapidly with its unique development momentum

at the meeting, chairman and President Qu Kai delivered an important speech, entitled "managing the market is a big stage". It is man-made and the belief that the northern transportation management system is the market. In terms of northern transportation, which has entered the coal machinery industry for a short time, in 2009 alone, dozens of units were sold, and the products successfully entered Shanxi, Ningxia, Henan, Hebei, Inner Mongolia, Anhui, Shaanxi, Shandong, Sichuan and other major coal provinces. After the establishment of Taiyuan branch and Yinchuan branch, it is planned to establish 8 branches in Xinjiang, Jinan, Henan and Shaanxi in 2010, taking advantage of the geographical advantages of 10 branches to quickly seize market share and lay a solid foundation for the vigorous development of the group's coal mining and metallurgical machinery industry

"in 2009, in terms of production, coal roadheader increased by 10%, mixer increased by 186%, aerial vehicle increased by more than 30%, crane increased by more than 30%, and road machinery increased by 20%. After the strict implementation of component production, the production cycle and assembly cycle were greatly shortened, the production efficiency and quality were improved, and the product process was improved." Bai Jiayuan, assistant to the president, delivered a speech at the meeting

during this period, President Qu Kai issued a medium - and long-term strategic plan: first, to build an internationally renowned brand; second, to build a 1000 person national experimental research and development center; third, to build a two square kilometer Industrial Park; fourth, to vigorously develop the project; the biggest obstacle also lies in the economic consideration of the four industrial sectors of construction machinery, construction and maintenance machinery, special vehicle modification, and coal mining and metallurgy machinery; fifth, to achieve the policy of double 10 billion, The five concise and meaningful sentences give employees great encouragement and confidence

the new year has come, and new challenges are meeting us. The year 2010 is the key year for the group to realize the fourth five-year development plan. We believe that under the leadership of general manager Qu, the production and R & D personnel of northern transportation will work together with the operating personnel to meet new challenges with more enthusiasm, and do a better job in business with a pragmatic working attitude and a resolute work style

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