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Northwest nursery stock: the processing process of search is to be satisfied with the search request of users. The hot market in Hutubi, Xinjiang is turning cold

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core tips: core tips: October and November are the busiest months for Xinjiang Miao merchants, but in previous years, in the nurseries, streets The scene of the rush to buy seedlings and pull seedlings in the county town disappeared, replaced by the fall in both volume and price

October and November are the busiest months for Miao merchants in Xinjiang, but the scene of the rush to buy seedlings and pull seedlings in the nurseries, streets and County towns in Hutubi County in previous years disappeared, replaced by the fall in both volume and price 275 fire exhaust fans and the helpless eyes of Miao farmers

the sales of seedlings in Hutubi ink "> this autumn decreased by about 60% year-on-year, which is directly related to the reduction of the scale of the greening project. Another important reason is the influx of seedlings in Northeast China. At present, only 40% of the flowering shrubs in the local greening project are produced in Xinjiang, and about 60% are from Northeast China. The holding of three consecutive Xinjiang seedling Expo has made northeast seedlings famous in Xinjiang.

although the price of Xinjiang flowering shrubs ink"> is almost 10 times higher than that of northeast seedlings, However, the former is soil bulb seedlings, and the latter is bare root seedlings. Coupled with the impact of climate, soil, long-distance transportation and other aspects, the survival rate of northeast seedlings directly on the project is much lower than that of Xinjiang seedlings. A greening project in Kuitun used 5million yuan of northeast seedlings the year before last. As a result, 3million yuan of seedlings will be replanted this year. Northeast seedlings usually need more than a year to be domesticated, and there is a great risk of being directly put into the project

the nearly half decline in seedling prices is also the theme of this autumn. In the same period last year, Ulmus pumila with a stem diameter of 2 cm was 24 yuan per plant, while this year it was only 12 yuan; The lowest price of red Begonia of the same specification was 45 yuan per plant last year, and the bidding price this year was only 32 yuan. In terms of flowering shrubs, red Ruimu, lilac Dense branch ink "> the price of red leaf plum, Red Prince ribbon, etc. was about 10 yuan per plant last year, but now it is generally reduced to 6 yuan to 7 yuan.

in the past two years, the annual seedling production area of Hutubi has increased by about 30%, including the expansion of local practitioners and the investment of foreign people who are not easy to fall off. The same characteristic is fanaticism. The emergence of the current situation is a test for everyone, and we also need to seriously think about why this situation occurs 。

(Liu Yishan, director of Xinjiang Hutubi Huilin seedling planting professional cooperative)

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