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The northwest printing and advertising signs market has been established in Lanzhou to attract investment

fill the gap in the northwest professional market, concentrate thousands of printing and advertising signs production enterprises in the northwest, attract tens of thousands of target customers in the northwest, facilitate the centralized selection, negotiation and production of printing and advertising signs products, and completely end the history of decentralized operation of the northwest printing and advertising signs market. Through the Gansu Branch of the Chinese Academy of planning The printing association of Gansu Provincial Publishing Bureau and Gansu Province spare no effort to help major manufacturers further improve the safety of consumers. If the number of them increases sharply and convenience, the functionality and environmental protection of products, and improve cost control, the advertising of the Administration for Industry and commerce represents the planning of relevant departments such as our innovation, talent and Vision Association, as well as the careful preparation of Lanzhou Sanli enterprise and Gansu Ogilvy advertising printing industry and trade company, Finally, it was selected next to the Gansu Provincial Library, which is located at the bridgehead of Yantan business district, reader Avenue, Lanzhou. After transformation and improvement, it has been established as the largest professional large market for printed advertising signs in Northwest China, and grandly attracted investment across the country. So far, there are more than 10000 printing and label advertising enterprises in Gansu, Ningxia and Qinghai, with 120000 employees. However, due to the decentralized operation, blocked information, uneven technical equipment and business environment, it is difficult to improve the business scale and economic benefits, which has seriously affected the healthy, orderly and prosperous development of the printing, packaging and decoration, label advertising production and material market in the three provinces and regions

according to Zhang Xie, chairman of the northwest printed advertising signs market, the northwest printed advertising signs market, with a total business area of 30000 square meters, was built in three phases before the first quarter of 2008. It is located in the West courtyard of Gansu Provincial Library located at the bridgehead of Yantan business district, the golden business area in Chengguan District, Lanzhou. It is less than 3 kilometers away from Lanzhou railway station in the South and about 700 meters away from the entrance of Lanzhou Tianshui road Expressway in the north. It is closely related to Yantan furniture market Yantan furniture supermarket, motorcycle market, Yantan plate market are adjacent to Lanzhou Sansen Meiju market, Lanzhou book and periodical wholesale market, Lanzhou ceramics market, and Lanzhou second-hand goods market, which are less than three kilometers away. The geographical location is superior and the transportation is extremely convenient

Zhang Xie pointed out that the establishment of the northwest printing and advertising signs professional market in Lanzhou will definitely demonstrate and drive the optimization and upgrading, healthy and harmonious development of the printing and advertising industry in the three provinces and regions of Gansu, Qinghai and Ningxia centered in Lanzhou, avoid business outflows to the greatest extent, drive the development of relevant industries, and promote the exchange of professionals in advertising, printing and signs. To provide customers with the most convenient and perfect services, whether in the purchase of printing, advertising and related equipment and materials, or in the customized printing, advertising production products, etc., we get the most affordable and all-round choices. And radiate to the western provinces, regions and counties. According to the regional layout planning of market construction, it will eventually reach four regions and five centers, namely equipment area, consumables area, printing processing and exhibition area, advertising production and exhibition area, education and training center, information network center, e-commerce center, conference and Exhibition Center, and financial service center. Therefore, the investment targets are mainly located in printing, printing equipment and consumables manufacturers and agents; Printing and packaging plants; Prepress output center, light printing department, copy and typing agency; Manufacturers and agents of advertising equipment and consumables; advertising agency; Graphic design and production company; Digital equipment manufacturers and agents; Digital manufacturers; Spray painting, photo, carving production company; The label is set up because the test piece is always broken at the clamping position during stretching, which is prepared for the manufacturer and the production company; Processing and production companies of copper characters, bronze medals, iron characters, blister characters, etc. Manufacturers and agents of decoration and decorative materials; Light box, IED and other new lighting projects and equipment

Zhang Xie also introduced that in order to release water for fish farming, improve services, promote prosperity and speed up development, he has formulated a number of preferential policies to attract businessmen from all over the world to move in and operate

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