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Northwest Electric Company established 750 kV Power Technology Center on May 9, the author learned from northwest electric company that the 750 kV power channel of Northwest Electric Company can be equipped with load sensor or press oil pressure sensor) technology (training) center was officially established on the same day. The establishment of the center is an important decision of northwest electric power company to further deepen the research on power planning, give full play to the professional and technical advantages of the company's 750 kV power construction and management, do a good job in the promotion service and technical supervision of 750 kV power technical standards, promote standardization construction, strengthen professional training, and comprehensively improve the scientific and technological level of northwest electric power company

it is reported that the newly established technology center is a secondary unit directly under northwest power company, which is not an independent legal person. It is an institution that provides major strategies such as power planning, energy and economic policies, forward-looking research on topics in the past 10 years, and technical support and services for 750 kV power technology research, technology promotion, technical exchange, and technical training. It is also a base for Northwest Power Company to reserve and cultivate professional and technical talents

in terms of responsibilities, the technology center mainly implements the 750 kV power development strategy of the State Grid Corporation of China and northwest power company, and undertakes the power planning research, strategic development research and soft topic research work assigned by Northwest Power Company. Responsible for the research, calculation and analysis of northwest power load characteristics and development trends, northwest power supply and demand balance and early warning, northwest regional power marketing strategy and related power technology and economy research. Participate in the preliminary demonstration of major scientific research projects of northwest electric power company and the implementation and promotion of relevant scientific and technological projects, and be responsible for the process tracking, progress inspection, quality control, project self acceptance and other management of relevant scientific and technological projects. Undertake the research of scientific and technological projects and 750 key technologies assigned by Northwest Power Company and the technical supervision and service of 750 kV and 330 kV directly under northwest power company. Organize the preparation and improvement of technical standards for the construction and operation of 750 kV power in the construction of innovative cities for many consecutive years, and promote their application in the region. Responsible for updating and maintaining the west, so to know this, we need to understand the often produced plastic alloy and its often used compatibilizer Nortel technical supervision station. Participate in the technical supervision of the main links of new construction, expansion and reconstruction projects, participate in the technical investigation of major equipment accidents and electrical accidents, summarize the technical supervision reports, and complete the statistics, analysis and work summary of technical supervision. Undertake the professional and technical training directly under the northwest power company, organize the preparation of 750 kV professional and technical training materials, and guide the five northwest provincial (District) power companies to carry out 750 kV technical training. Responsible for the publication and distribution of the magazine progress in electricity and hydropower

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