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Xiangcai Qinian: fuel oil, Tianjiao early trading tips

Shanghai Oil: NYMEX may crude oil futures continued its upward momentum in the previous two days on Thursday, with the settlement price rising $1.68 to $107.58 per barrel. The US dollar index has now consolidated. At present, any relevant information in the market can be hyped, such as the interruption of oil transportation in southern Iraq and the failure of refined oil products to be supplied on schedule by South Korean refineries due to force majeure. We need to pay attention to the Asian fuel oil market. Singapore 180CST fuel oil rose sharply yesterday by US $16.35 to US $515.95. Sound group, the parent company of Shanghai oil Santon new energy, invested 1billion to build the largest domestic waste battery recycling project in Changsha. Today, it is expected to open low, fluctuate upward, and the resistance level is 4400. The outer disc Japanese glue opened low today. This is because polymers are composed of long-chain molecules. It is appropriate to sell high and absorb low. If it breaks through 22830, increase positions and go long

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