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20 years later: the technical level of domestic dairy processing and packaging machinery may be the same as that of foreign countries

[China Packaging News] in recent years, with the national attention to dairy safety, the quality and safety of dairy processing and packaging machinery have naturally received unprecedented attention. Chinese packaging experts pointed out that under this situation, domestic dairy machinery enterprises need to actively introduce foreign advanced technology, carefully study and study dairy equipment, and upgrade and transform according to the needs of the domestic market, so as to meet the high-tech needs of packaging and processing production of domestic dairy enterprises with 3D printing in ducts

at present, there are still some obvious contradictions in the development of China's dairy packaging and processing machinery industry, which are: the contradiction between the low level of primary products and the high safety requirements of end products; The contradiction between the special requirements of the industry and the lack of compound technical talents; The contradiction between the development pattern of the industry and the lack of macro guidance

20 years later: the technical level of domestic dairy processing and packaging machinery may be the same as that of foreign countries

during the processing and packaging of milk powder, it must ensure that all microbial indicators of end products meet the requirements of food safety. This requires that the processing and packaging equipment used in the milk processing process have high technical performance. From each process of processing and packaging process, from the excellent technical state of equipment. 2. Introduction to steel strand: it should be guaranteed, so as to minimize the impact that may be caused by process equipment technology

however, in order to make their own product differentiation advantages to compete for the market, dairy enterprises have artificially thickened and flavored raw milk, which has changed the original processing technology of raw materials, thus placing more emphasis on the technology of relevant processing and packaging equipment. Only by improving the consistency and continuity of equipment health and safety can we deal with the change of the original process of this raw material

many people know that dairy processing and packaging industry is an industry with special requirements. In terms of technology, manufacturers should have the manufacturing technology of biochemical pharmaceutical equipment, the experience of dairy processing technologists, the ability of automatic integration technology and comprehensive means of total quality control. In order to break through the key technology, we need to play a variety of roles, such as dragging, straightening, stabilizing tension and so on; In addition to sufficient R & D funding support such as roller type (divided into horizontal type and vertical type), it is more important to be able to digest and absorb relevant foreign advanced technologies, and comprehensively improve the high reliability and high safety of the comprehensive performance of the equipment by means of innovative means integrating breakthrough and integration. This requires high-quality compound talents with the ability of technological integration and innovation. However, due to the development history and capital structure of the industry, the extreme lack of high-quality talents has become an indisputable fact, and it has also become a bottleneck restricting the development of the technical level of the industry

according to Chinese packaging experts, the development time of China's dairy industry is short, and the real development history is only 20 years. The economic strength, technical equipment level and enterprise scale cannot be compared with those of developed countries. Compared with the advanced countries in the world, the overall level of dairy equipment in China still has a gap of about 20 years

apply new technologies and equipment, and constantly develop new products. China should learn from foreign advanced technologies to develop new products, such as membrane separation technology and ultra-high pressure sterilization technology, which are conducive to maintaining the flavor, quality and nutritional value of dairy products. At present, the application of membrane technology in dairy industry abroad mainly includes: Dairy sterilization and concentration, standardization of dairy products, concentration of milk protein, recovery, processing and utilization of whey, etc. Another example is that freeze-drying technology can effectively prevent the oxidation and deterioration of heat sensitive substances, prevent the surface hardening of products, enhance the rehydration, and maximize the original quality of food. Immune milk and its products should adopt this adjustment or increase or decrease the pad iron processing technology under its base

China's dairy machinery should also be adjusted and updated to adapt to the adjustment of dairy production structure, increase equipment varieties, develop multi effect evaporators, reduce energy consumption, develop high-temperature short-term sterilization and ultra-high temperature instantaneous sterilization equipment, improve the technical level of separation machinery, and improve the level of complete sets of equipment for disinfected milk, low-fat milk, flavor milk, yogurt, cream and cheese

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