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According to the information times, due to the current gold and silver prices in the international market are at the highest in history, the gold medal value of the London Olympic Games has also risen to become DD φ 32.60 dd φ 32.75 dd φ 32.90 dd φ 33.05 the highest in history. But compared with history, the award-winning athletes found that the value of these medals has changed! The London Olympics will host 302 games, so the event organizers will award 2300 medals. The London Olympic gold medal is also the largest, heaviest and highest gold medal in the history of the Olympic Games. The gold medal weight of Beijing Olympic Games is only 250 grams, while that of London is more than 400 grams

the London Olympic Organizing Committee calculated carefully that the gold content of each Olympic gold medal was only 6 grams, accounting for 1% of the total weight, and the rest was 93% silver and 6% copper. The value of the whole gold medal is about 650 dollars (about 4148 yuan)

the silver medal contains 93% silver and 7% copper, which is worth $335 (about 2138 yuan). The bronze medal is worth less than $5 (about 32 yuan), which means it can't even buy a cheeseburger in most areas


in the men's 60kg judo competition on the second day of the Olympic Games, Felipe Beidai of Brazil defeated verdo of Italy and won the bronze medal. Beidai was delighted that he could win the prize in the Olympic Games, and carefully protected his bronze medal. However, unfortunately, it happened when I took a bath after the award

Beidai said about the whole process: "I was afraid of getting the medal wet, so I bit the medal with my teeth, which helped the lightweight process of the automotive industry. It slipped out of my mouth." The medal fell to the ground and the place where the ribbon was tied was broken immediately

Beidai was born in Sao Paulo, Brazil, on July 28, 1989. He is 23 years old and his father is a Japanese. He has been a member of the Brazilian judo national team since 2008. He won the judo gold medal at the Pan American Games in 2011. He is a very powerful player. However, although Beidai defeated many rivals in judo, the South American failed in the battle with the London medal. The medals used in the London Olympic Games are produced by the Royal Mint. This is also the manufacturer of the current currency in Britain

it is reported that the London Olympic medal is the most expensive medal in the history of the Olympic Games. Each gold medal weighs 410 grams, including 6 grams of gold. The designer of the medal is British artist David Watkins. The front of each medal is carved with the Greek goddess of victory Niji, and the back is a shining star and the logo of the London Olympic Games, as well as the Thames River, the symbol of London

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