Longlin TM system, the hottest nuclear safety leve

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On April 6, the 14th China International Nuclear Industry Exhibition opened at the National Convention Center in Beijing. The dragon scale TM naspictm platform, the first nuclear safety level DCS platform in China, was unveiled at the exhibition site

during the exhibition, CNNC China Nuclear Power Research and Design Institute introduced in detail the Longlin TM system and the importance of the Longlin TM system for the international and domestic nuclear power industry market in the future

nuclear safety level DCS is the central nervous system of nuclear power plants, which directly affects the safe and stable operation of nuclear power plants and has a significant impact on nuclear safety. In order to promote the integration of science and technology with economy and realize military civilian integration, in accordance with the requirements of the national science and technology development plan, the nuclear power institute has formed a complete industrial chain integrating nuclear power design, equipment R & D and manufacturing by combining its own advantages, adhering to innovation driven and quality first; At the same time, relying on the strategic deployment of China Nuclear Power Group Longteng 2020 plan, combined with nuclear power engineering design experience, digital instrument and control equipment R & D and manufacturing experience, we have developed the steps of holding samples by means of information technology: we have developed and exhibited the nuclear safety level DCS platform with completely independent intellectual property rights, and the research and development and appraisal of naspictm (nuclear advancedsafety PL, who has taken the lead in scientific and technological innovation)

guided by relevant gb/ieee/iec standards, Longlin TM system adopts digital technology characterized by arm system microprocessor and high-speed serial bus, and has completed a series of technical core research, including safety level communication protocol, highly reliable micro kernel boot software, and has reached the domestic advanced level in the field of nuclear power industrial control

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