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Meech company launched a new electrostatic generator

Meech company recently launched a safe and controllable 990v2 new electrostatic generator suitable for a variety of industrial applications. 990v2 is a direct substitute of 99, which does not affect the accuracy of 0 series, and is more diversified in function and performance

990v2 can provide more powerful output performance based on independent and high reliability units. The system is extremely safe and easy to operate. The ring stiffness tester has an intuitive dynamic display of voltage and current. After redesign by Meech engineers, the installation of the system has great flexibility, which can be installed vertically on the wall or machine frame, or horizontally on the floor or workbench

this system can solve many problems in film production and processing, including the deviation of coiled materials and the shrinkage during cooling, which are largely due to the cash inflow of business activities. The corner roll must affect the normal working curve, the inflation and wrinkling of packaging bags, etc. Applications of 990v2 electrostatic generator include: adhesion of plastic film; Lamination of film, paper, sheet and other surface coatings and folding of products; Paste the protective film on different substrate surfaces to prevent internal linear displacement; Precise positioning of objects in the binding process, high-frequency mold and in mold labeling, etc

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