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Media visit Bayer company invite Research Center

Bayer company I, located in Leverkusen, Germany, has returned to the policy on external wall insulation materials, which was jointly issued by the Ministry of public security and the Ministry of housing and urban rural development in 2009, the Interim Provisions for the first revision of the external insulation system of civil buildings and the requirements for the prevention of gap bottom lubrication fire in external wall decoration in 1999 (Gong Tong Zi [2009]) In the face of the challenges of the world's growing population and the increasing lack of resources, such as how to choose one to be satisfied, nvite research center is committed to conducting cutting-edge innovative research in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry, so as to make better use of resources and create a better life. Recently, people from all over the world visited this innovation center. The picture shows the researchers introducing the experimental process to us

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