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Longjiang Town of Shunde has won the title of "capital of China's plastics and building materials industry". Recently, the China Light Industry Federation, the China Plastics Processing Industry Association and the audit committee of light industry characteristic regions and industrial clusters of the China Light Industry Federation jointly organized an evaluation expert group to conduct on-the-spot evaluation and audit on Longjiang Town of Shunde. After the research and inclusion of the association and experts, China Light Industry Federation and China Plastics Processing Industry Association agreed to officially award Longjiang Town the title of "capital of China's plastics and building materials industry. Longjiang". This is another honor that Longjiang Town has won after it won such honors as "an important furniture manufacturing town in China" and "the capital of furniture materials in China"

in recent years, a large number of plastic building materials enterprises with prominent regional brands have emerged in Longjiang Town, Shunde. The national output value of leading backbone enterprises of plastic building materials, represented by Liansu Group, and the profits and taxes of their business outlets have contributed more than 1billion yuan. Each enterprise has also reached the top level in the same industry in China in terms of total sales, technical level, export earning foreign exchange and brand value. At the same time, these enterprises have also provided tens of thousands of jobs every year, solving the employment problem of many people

by the end of 2017, there were more than 210 plastic building materials manufacturing enterprises in Longjiang Town, with a plastic building materials output value of about 20billion yuan, ranking first in the country with a high degree of specialization in the first China (Ningbo) new materials exhibition. The number of employees in the plastic building materials industry has reached more than 50000, with more than 5000 technical talents. As the leader in the plastic building materials industry, Liansu Group has an annual income of 20.3 billion yuan, ranking first in the country

according to incomplete statistics, at the end of last year, Longjiang Town had one plastic building materials enterprise with an output value of more than 10 billion yuan, 12 enterprises with an output value of more than 100 million yuan, and two well-known trademarks in China. The town has formed an industrial chain covering more than 200 multi-channel data collection, drawing and storage, which are completed by the interaction of computers and single chip computers, and tens of thousands of product varieties. The town has more than 5000 plastic machinery production lines and related auxiliary equipment, scientific research and testing equipment. In addition to various plastic pipes, pipe fittings, trunking, plates, cables and other plastic building materials, the products produced are also various molds Machinery related to architectural coatings and plastic building materials; In addition to all kinds of physical products, the corresponding supporting logistics and product after-sales are also an indispensable link in the Longjiang plastic building materials industry chain

after winning the title of "Longjiang, the capital of China's plastic building materials industry", the local government of Longjiang said that in the next stage, Longjiang will actively participate in the implementation of national plans on sponge City, comprehensive pipe gallery construction and industrial matching buildings, so as to promote the transformation and upgrading of Longjiang's plastic building materials industry; Relying on large-scale leading backbone enterprises, we will further strengthen scientific and technological innovation and new product development, promote industrial integration and development, and enhance industrial competitiveness; At the same time, it is necessary to strengthen the construction of regional brands, promote the development of the industry to the middle and high-end, actively expand the domestic and foreign markets, and continuously improve the popularity and influence of the industry; To improve the construction of public service platform, in addition to focusing on the cultivation of talents, focusing on environmental protection and green development, we will make greater contributions to the regional economic development and the development of China's plastic building materials industry

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