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Looking back on the arduous road of titanium dioxide development in China in 2010, China's titanium dioxide industry entered a new era. In terms of technology alone, considerable progress has been made. Cooperation between different groups can be found everywhere. For example, Shandong Dongjia Group signed a cooperation agreement with Hunan Rare Earth Technology Development Co., Ltd. to extract scandium, titanium and vanadium oxides from the diluted acid produced during the production of titanium dioxide. The annual recovery of scandium enrichment in this project alone is worth 50million yuan. This project not only brings Dongjia recycling to a new level, but also promotes the overall improvement of the comprehensive utilization level of the domestic titanium dioxide industry, and realizes the development and utilization of rare scandium resources

in addition, major groups have expanded their plants. China vanadium titanium group plans to invest about 104million yuan in the plant of Sichuan pellet mine. Youtai BaoTi group takes the lead in putting into operation the raw material plant in the industrial park in China. This fully illustrates the good momentum of development in the field of titanium dioxide in China

recently, the chlorination project of China Pangang Group entered the implementation stage

although the chlorination titanium dioxide production technology has the advantages of short process flow, easy to realize continuous automation, less "three wastes" emission and easy to obtain high-quality rutile titanium dioxide, it gradually occupies the leading position in the global titanium dioxide industry. However, due to the difficult production technology of titanium dioxide by chlorination, the complex structure of key equipment, the use of special materials with high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance, and the huge investment required for research and development to form commercial production, the technology is still monopolized by a few foreign companies

the technology of titanium dioxide produced by chlorination in China is still not very good. The comprehensive nature of titanium dioxide produced by chlorination is difficult to complete in most experimental machines and some experiments. It is currently in the middle of domestic titanium dioxide: the dispersibility and hiding power need to be improved. However, the production cost remains high, and the selling price is the same as that of import. Therefore, the development of chlorination process is an inevitable choice to improve the competitiveness of China's titanium industry

however, China's titanium dioxide industry is still facing various difficulties and challenges

1. The country's total production capacity will soon be seriously surplus. It is estimated that the apparent consumption of titanium dioxide in China in 2007 was about 1.06 million tons, an increase of 15% over 2006. If the industry estimates the average annual growth rate of titanium dioxide market at 10%-15%, the domestic demand for titanium dioxide will reach million tons by 2011. Compared with the capacity of 2.3 million tons to be achieved in the same period, it will be seriously surplus

2. The cost of raw materials increased significantly. The prices of various raw materials fluctuated too much from 2009 to 2010. For example, the price of sulfuric acid has increased several times in the past few years, and the rising price of raw materials has greatly increased the production cost of titanium dioxide

3. The adjustment of export tax rebate policy led to a serious decline in exports. In july2007, the titanium dioxide industry, as a high energy consumption and high pollution industry, canceled the export tax rebate of 13%. Affected by the cancellation of the export tax rebate of titanium dioxide, China exported 24700 tons in the third quarter of 2007, a year-on-year decrease of 52.1%, which was 43.8% lower than the average export in the previous two quarters. By 2010, the export tax rebate of titanium dioxide remained basically unchanged, which still affected the output of titanium dioxide in China

4. The cost of environmental protection has increased significantly. For example, the production process of titanium dioxide by sulfuric acid method produces a lot of wastewater and waste residue. At present, the national environmental protection standards are being greatly improved. Many titanium dioxide enterprises are facing the risk of increasing investment in environmental protection, and even the risk of production being affected. However, some enterprises have set a good example, such as the recycling and reuse of waste by Shandong Dongjia group mentioned above. Major enterprises have made effective visits one after another and invested heavily in improving waste treatment technology

5. As a large water and electricity user, the energy cost increases. Most titanium dioxide enterprises in China are still producing titanium dioxide by sulfuric acid method, which consumes a lot of water and electricity. In recent years, the cost of water and electricity has risen sharply, and the increase of energy cost is greatly compressing the profit space of enterprises

6. The RMB exchange rate continues to rise, and the price gap between imported titanium dioxide and domestic titanium dioxide is rapidly narrowing. Since the exchange rate reform, the RMB has maintained a slight appreciation against the US dollar. Taking the "less waste" of 3D printing plastic materials assisted by 3D recycling machine as an example at the middle price on july1,2008, the exchange rate of 1 US dollar was 6.8608 yuan. Calculated at the exchange rate of 8.11 when the exchange rate was changed, the cumulative appreciation of RMB against the US dollar has exceeded 15%. For export enterprises, the rise in the value of local currency has virtually increased the price of products, affected the international competitiveness of product prices, and weakened their competitive advantage in the world

based on the above factors, the reform of domestic titanium dioxide must be accelerated

first of all, the production of titanium dioxide should make an effective breakthrough in technology. Although the production of titanium dioxide in China is large, its quality is not up to the standard, and it has no competitive advantage in front of foreign enterprises. This leads to a large domestic demand, but the domestic titanium dioxide has little advantage in front of the Chinese people

secondly, in terms of environment, China's titanium dioxide production technology is backward and the three wastes pollution is serious. We should strengthen energy conservation and emission reduction and reduce the pressure on energy costs

thirdly, domestic titanium dioxide should be improved. Pay attention to the research of application industry and the improvement of marketing services

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