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Longkou section of Longyan railway will promote the closure of three highway crossing bridges. Longkou section of Longyan railway will promote the closure of three highway crossing bridges. According to the construction headquarters of Longyan railway project, the construction of Longkou section of Longyan railway is progressing smoothly. At present, many highway crossing bridges are about to be closed, and the land attachment along the line is basically completed. Next year, the follow-up beam erection and track laying work will start in succession

yesterday, at the construction site of Fenghuangshan tunnel in Longkou section of Longkou Yantai Railway, machines roared, slag extractors and sprinklers were operating in an orderly manner, and workers stepped up construction and pushed forward at a speed of nearly 1.6 meters a day. At the exit of the tunnel, the workers are spraying concrete on the arch after the early construction of blasting, slag removal, arch erection, anchor bolting and foot locking. Due to the shallow burial depth and poor surrounding rock of Fenghuangshan tunnel, some areas pass through natural gas pipelines, which is difficult to construct and requires a little blasting. 75 cubic meters of earth and rock need to be cleared for each meter of tunnel excavation, which is a large amount of work. However, the workers have always insisted on high efficiency and high quality to ensure that the project is completed on schedule

it is understood that the Longyan railway has built 108 bridges and culverts in Longkou City, with 3.96 million cubic meters of Subgrade Earthwork, while a Fenghuangshan tunnel is 1000 meters long. At present, 66 culverts have been completed, 556.8m of Fenghuangshan tunnel has been excavated, and 1.45 million cubic meters of Subgrade Earthwork has been completed. Longyan railway passes through 8 Town blocks and 47 administrative villages in Longgang, Beima, Lutou, Dongjiang, high tech Zone, Donglai, Langao and zhuyouguan. The inventory, compensation and surface clearing of attachments of railway land and temporary construction land have been basically completed. The "three electricity" and pipeline relocation, agricultural road and irrigation pipe laying have been steadily carried out

up to now, 113 of the 121 piers of the 3960m long Langao super major bridge have been completed, of which the 302 provincial highway bridge and the bridge (3) are equipped with sensors: the equipment is equipped with two sets of 100kN and 10kN sensors and instruments (two sensors are equipped with a multi-channel digital dynamometer). The Hong Kong expressway bridge and the bridge across the Weiwu expressway connecting line are under construction, At the end of the month, the whole vehicle enterprises and other customers will complete the closure before finding a solution through the project cooperation with the technology center. The continuous beam pouring of Yongwen River Bridge has been completed. The requisition and relocation of attachments of Longkou station and Lutou station have been completed, but the inventory of buildings and structures is proceeding in an orderly manner, and the planning and design of Longkou station is basically determined

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