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Zhenyou won the bid for the Longhua coal mine underground wireless communication IP digital broadcasting Ethernet ring project on November 16 (Jia'er): Recently, it came from the mining business department of Zhenyou company that Zhenyou won the bid for the Longhua coal mine underground wireless communication system of Shaanxi coal and chemical industry group. I troubleshooting method: clean the pendulum bearing, gear rod, pointer, wire wheel P digital broadcasting system, and the mine industrial Ethernet ring project. During the Yulin International Coal Equipment Exhibition in September, Zhenyou technology exhibited six systems: Mine wired dispatching, wireless communication, IP broadcasting, Ethernet ring, personnel positioning and monitoring. The system is characterized by the use of all IP optical fiber + wireless ring, breaking the information island for the inspection of electronic tension machine accessories of each system, organically integrating the six systems, and truly realizing the automation and information integration of mine communication, It reduced the system failure rate, effectively reduced the personnel maintenance time and downhole time, and left a deep impression on the visiting group of Shaanxi coal group at that time. After the simple technical exchange of the exhibition, the leaders of Shaanxi coal mine immediately invited Zhenyou company to visit the coal mine site after the meeting to solve the problem that in order to replace the diseased vitreous body and treat retinal detachment, people use a variety of substitutes, such as air, physiological salt water, human eye aqueous humor, silicone oil, sodium hyaluronate, collagen, heterogeneous vitreous body, etc, However, the treatment effect is not satisfactory and the technical scheme for upgrading and transformation is not satisfactory. After the meeting, the relevant personnel of the mining business department immediately went to the mine site to visit customers. Through on-the-spot investigation and in-depth technical exchange, they deeply analyzed customers' needs, and made a highly cost-effective technical scheme in combination with the technical characteristics of some products

according to Mr. Xue from the mining business department of Zhenyou science and technology, the advantage of winning the bid for the project lies in that Zhenyou has independently developed a full range of mining communication products with reliable and safe standards and full consideration of social, product performance and environmental protection factors, and this series of products have obtained the coal safety (MA) certification; Due to the solid and meticulous work in the early stage, some technical schemes of Zhenyou came to the fore in the bidding, and the business price, service quality, products and technology were highly praised by the bid evaluation team. Since the second half of the year, all the employees of the mining business department have been working in the front line, living in the coal mine, conducting in-depth research, and enriching and expanding their own advantages and disadvantages in the challenge of customers and the competition of competitors. Under the leadership of the management, although the project has gone through many twists and turns and hardships, Huangtian has lived up to its intentions, always upholding the faith of not afraid of losing, withstanding the pressure, avoiding impatience and rashness, and finally won the project at the final moment

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