Some details of cloakroom design planning

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Several details of the cloakroom design planning

with the modern people's pursuit of high-grade home decoration, the overall cloakroom has gradually become a decoration pattern loved by many young owners. Nowadays, there are more and more styles of clothes in the generation, and when we have a large cloakroom and a spacious dressing area, the classified storage of clothes is particularly important for our cumbersome and tense life. The plan to create a personalized walk-in cloakroom has naturally entered the decoration budget

how to design the cloakroom? What details should be paid attention to in order to make the best use of the space and put more things in it? It is necessary to design and plan carefully

first, plan according to your own characteristics:

everyone's living habits and dress characteristics are different, so when designing the cloakroom, never follow others and copy the same. And

should carry out effective and reasonable planning according to their own characteristics. For example, people with many shirts and suits need to design more hangers

people with more shoes should open up more storage space for shoes in the cloakroom; And more small storage compartments are suitable for people with small decorations and more sundries... In short, flashy design is not advisable, so that the cloakroom can fully match your life characteristics and dress habits

second, space should be maximized:

whether your cloakroom is large or small, making the best use of space is the most important point in designing the cloakroom. In fact, it is also very simple to do this -- when planning the customized wardrobe, through accurate indoor measurement, try to make full use of the corner area of the cloakroom, and at the same time, design the wardrobe as "indomitable". At present, the net height of the room is about 2.5-2.8 meters. Even if you make a wardrobe

2.8 meters high, as long as you use a small herringbone ladder, you can easily take and place the clothes and items on the top floor, which is very convenient. Your clothes must be much more than those displayed in the model room, and the color can't be as neat and single as that displayed in the model room. In addition, there can't be only clothes, shoes and hats in your cloakroom, and there must be some infrequently used sundries in it. Therefore, using the

Portless wardrobe will make your cloakroom look messy and lack of beauty





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