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Sofa is one of the essential main furniture in our living room, but the size of sofa varies, and there are different fabrics and styles. Therefore, buying finished sofa may not be suitable for your own home environment. Customized sofa is a good choice. Now customization has become a trend. For example, the customized sofa market has experienced a period of rapid development. Now let me take a look at the customized sofa manufacturers and other related knowledge introduction

how about customized sofa

1 Customized sofa changes consumption habits

flexible choice of function matching, style and size is not only a platform for buying and selling, but also a platform for enterprises to better understand the needs of customers and provide consumers with a personalized program implementation

2. Customized sofas change enterprises

change the traditional mode of consumers, reduce inventory backlog, reduce marketing costs, and grasp the direction of new trends in the market more accurately

customized sofa manufacturer

customized sofa manufacturer — Xiya sofa

has rich experience. In addition to customized sofas, you can also customize various seats, repair, renovate with old ones, wall upholstery, etc

customized sofa manufacturers — Yaman

has had experienced and skilled technicians for more than ten years since its establishment. It also provides a full set of furniture in public places

customized sofa manufacturers — Zhenshangpin furniture

as the place of furniture production in China, large furniture enterprises are a very good choice for consumers

customized sofa manufacturers — Nordic Limu

established in 2007, a large integrated furniture manufacturer, can choose Nordic Limu furniture factory

customized sofa manufacturers — Yichang sofa is a professional furniture manufacturing enterprise. Its excellent quality, appropriate price and honest service have won wide recognition from peers and consumers

customized sofa process

1 Consultation: telephone or Internet communication, consultation of relevant matters, and appointment of meeting time

2. Interview: visit the samples, investigate the product process and production process, customize according to the needs, and interview the preliminary plan

3. Consultation plan: interview to negotiate the plan, and finally achieve satisfaction

4 Sign the contract: after approval, sign the contract and pay 80% of the advance payment

5. Verified size: in order to ensure accuracy, arrange relevant personnel to recheck and investigate on site

6 Production: communicate in time during production, invite customers to inspect after completion, etc

7. Delivery and installation

8. Furniture acceptance: pay the balance after passing the inspection and enter the after-sales procedure

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