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General knowledge of interior decoration - how to distinguish the true and false wear resistance of laminate flooring

the wear resistance value of laminate flooring is one of the most important indicators of laminate flooring and the largest variable that determines the service life of laminate flooring. However, in terms of wear-resistant value, the opinions of businesses are diverse, which makes consumers at a loss, 15000, 18000, 23000, 32000&hellip& hellip; Where do these values come from? How can consumers know whether the wear resistance value said by the business is true or false

in fact, it's easy to know this variable. You can experiment on the spot by finding a 360 mesh sandpaper. Start grinding according to the number of revolutions said by the merchant. One round is counted as two revolutions. When the floor surface begins to wear, calculate how many rounds you grind. At this time, the number of revolutions you get is the initial wear resistance value of the floor. Continue grinding! When you grind it to a certain number of revolutions, you will find that there is no aluminum oxide surface layer at the ground place. Calculate how many revolutions it has been ground, and then you get the final value of the floor. Usually, the end value is much higher than the initial value. Maybe, some businesses will tell you that their target is the middle value. It doesn't matter. Calculate the average of the two values you got before, that's it

in the process of the experiment, those floors whose surfaces are quickly worn out must be floors without wear-resistant layers; The floor with wear phenomenon before 6000 turns may have a wear-resistant layer, but it must be a domestic unqualified product; Only products with more than 6000 revolutions can be called laminates that meet the national standard. Generally speaking, the initial wear resistance value of imported laminates is more than 9000 revolutions

common sense of interior decoration - linear rice sells cabinets, and buyers suffer a heavy loss

“ Do you know the measurement unit of linear meter& rdquo; When some consumers are asked this question, most of them are very confused, but it is interesting that as long as consumers who have bought cabinets know the unit of measurement of linear meter, because many cabinets are sold in linear meter; But if the reporter asks in detail what is the concept of Yanmi? Most consumers can't say why

“ Linear meter ” Is this quotation really reasonable? Insiders told reporters that Yanmi's quotation sales of cabinets is basically what businesses want to report, and it is consumers who suffer

what is linear meter

linear meter, that is, linear meter, is used to count or describe the engineering measurement of irregular strip or linear projects, such as pipeline length, slope length, trench length, etc. There is no unified standard for Yanchang meter, and different projects and specifications must be calculated separately to serve as the basis for workload and settlement of project funds

it is understandable that such an extremely professional concept is not known by ordinary people, but in China, the unit of linear meter is widely used in the pricing of cabinets. In a space with a width of 1 meter, 1 linear meter cabinets generally include hanging cabinets, floor cabinets and countertops. According to “ Linear meter unit price × Linear meter + additional cost ” The total price of the cabinet calculated is “ of the whole cabinet; Linear meter quotation &rdquo

“ Yanmi's quotation is to quote as it wants. Consumers simply don't understand that merchants can quote as it is cost-effective, but they will never lose money& rdquo; Insiders told reporters

the charge is opaque

in contrast, unit pricing calculates the total price according to the standard unit price of each cabinet and accessories used in the whole set of customized cabinets, which can let consumers know the price of each unit cabinet and even each handle and drawer. Although the sum of the prices of various parts seems complex, its price list is clear, and consumers can easily compare the cost performance of products

due to the lack of corresponding charging standards, the quotation of linear rice

is almost opaque. Within 1 linear meter, there can be two cabinets, or only one cabinet can be made, and the prices of cabinets are different due to different materials, processes and prices. There is a lot of randomness in the quotation. Businesses can say that they can report as they want, and many consumers can't understand it

the quotation fluctuates greatly

the diversity design of cabinets determines the uncertainty of the linear rice price of each cabinet, thus determining the fluctuation of the linear rice price. When there is no mass production, the cabinet materials of each manufacturer are different, so each cabinet has a corresponding price, but there is no charging standard, resulting in a considerable floating space for cabinet quotation

for example, for a cabinet with 980 yuan/linear meter, a sink is about 0.8 meters long, but consumers still have to pay by multiplying the unit price of 980 yuan by 0.8 meters. In other words, this sink, which is actually a simple combination of several materials, costs consumers 784 yuan, while the quotation of sink cabinets with the same material and size by unit costs only about 300 yuan, with a price difference of hundreds of yuan

consumption bottomless hole

the cabinet is designed according to the actual situation and the needs of consumers. Therefore, the cabinet has several internal structure division forms and functional configurations. The quotation of linear meter is easy to understand and simple to calculate on the surface, but when consumers order their products, they find that if the original design scheme of the cabinet is adjusted, and accessories are added or changed, the manufacturer will accumulate a lot of supplementary payment lists

it can be seen that all the costs of cabinets quoted by Yanmi are added to the original basis, and they fall into a bottomless pit. Consumers know it is unreasonable, but there is no way to take the manufacturer

common sense of interior decoration - three misunderstandings in the purchase of ceramic tiles

the price of ceramic tiles is higher when they are expensive

now consumers are more sensitive to the price of ceramic tiles, and often think that the ceramic tiles they choose are the products of that grade. This understanding is wrong, and the grade of ceramic tiles is determined by their quality. Price based on quality is the best move! The more expensive the tiles are, the better the quality is

vitrified bricks are not anti-skid and cannot be used in kitchen and bathroom space.

the smoothness and smoothness of the surface of vitrified bricks are relatively good, so many people will think that its anti-skid performance is very poor, which is a misunderstanding of vitrified bricks. The anti-skid performance of vitrified bricks is relatively good. The more water there is, the more astringent your feet will feel. Because the sole and the brick surface are relatively flat, the moisture on the bricks can make the two closely contact, playing a good anti-skid effect

the larger the specification of floor tiles, the better

now the specification of ceramic tiles on the market is also increasing, from 500× 500 to 600× 600,800× 800 or even 1200 & times; 1200, and the largest wall tile is 450× 900。 Bricks look magnificent when paved, so now more and more people choose large tiles, but after being paved at home, they always feel a little awkward. The main reason is that they don't fully consider the size of their actual space. The size of the actual space must be considered when choosing the specifications of ceramic tiles. Living room floor tiles also have to consider the size of the actual visible area (refers to the size of the area that people can see after placing furniture, etc.)





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